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Kanaima Remastered Chapter 3
Aurora had no idea how long she stood there staring. Her whole body seemed to be frozen in place staring at those blue eyes. Their depth only seemed to be matched with the intensity of them. Unblinking they remained fixed on her until for the briefest moment they shifted away looking past her.
Aurora finally tore her gaze away as the sound of the elevator door hissing shut behind her brought her out of her stupor. Turning she saw Dr. Saint making a bee line for the cage his face twisted into a dark smile. “Ah they got here early. I trust unloading him was easy enough?”
Aurora slowly gained her composure and nodded. “Yes they brought him in a covered crate. At least a dozen men all heavily armed and dressed in black. They didn’t say anything just dropped him off and left.”
Dr. Saint waived his hand dismissively “that’s the federation army for you.” Walking past her he stared at the cage with a wide grin. “You did read over the files
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Kanaima Remastered Ch2
Aurora was feeling rather self conscious as she stepped off the train. She was surrounded by people in business suits and brief cases, and all of them seemed to be staring at her. Sure she had tried to clean up as much as possible but in winter time she was lucky to get two minutes of luke warm water from her shower and nice clothing wasn’t really an option for someone on her shoe string budget. Her clothing was a plain white button up shirt and black pants, both of which showed signs of being heavily  worn.
Looking around she rubbed her temples. She was not a morning person, so waking up at 5am and stepping off the train at 6 was not a great morning at all. On top of that she had no idea where she was going. Looking around she finally spotted a federation peace keeper standing on the street corner.
Walking up she gently tapped the man on his shoulder. The peace keeper turned to her seemingly irritated that someone had interrupted his peace and quiet. “I ummm… so
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Kanaima Remastered chapter 1
Kanaima Ch1 Remastered
In a dark room two dozen faces where illuminated only by the dull glimmer of the projector screen gave any light. The screen then went black before a deep and gravely masculine voice echoed in the room. “This broadcast is brought to you by your friends here at the federation.” A golden seal then appeared on the screen, an eagle clutching a sword in it’s right talon and in it’s left a bundle of arrows.
The screen then flashed revealing a battlefield, the sky was darkened by black smoke that curled through the air from giant fires burning in the background. The camera then panned around to a torn earth disheveled by bombs, links of barbed wire  dotting the landscape. The voice again began speaking “This was the great war. The war that ravaged our world leaving nearly two billion men women and children dead.”
The screen then shifted to an overview of the entire North America hemisphere, each respective country illuminated by
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Tails Tale Chapter 1
Tails Tale: Chapter 1
High school is a rough time for any student. Its harder if you don’t fit in with everyone else. And harder still if you are the new kid on the block. Well I have a story for you, one that shows when it comes to high school being on the outside of things can serve you well. Especially if you suddenly decide to grow a tail.
But I digress. First let me tell you about me. My name is Ragnar, a terrible name I know but none the less it is my name. My parents are huge into Nordic mythology to the point that they actually are pagan in their beliefs. Which sounds cool on the surface, but try explaining to high school students that your ‘parents believe Thor and Odin are real. Not the best way to make friends.
Besides my parents strange beliefs it extends further into their daily lives. As long as I have been able to remember my mom has stayed at home. She is in the most traditional sense possible a home maker. She cooks and cleans, taking care of everything you
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Blood Oath A glimpse into the future :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0
Blood Oath Chapter 16
Another week had passed since Aurora and the others had returned to Vail and while Aurora was more than happy to be back she was beginning to get more and more restless. Her old habit of spending the day wandering around the town had become almost tedious at this point. Ziggy spent most of her days wandering the countryside only returning late in the day to have supper and all the others where busy with their own tasks.
On top of this Red had left the day after she had talked with Sigurd to go speak with the council. Though much to her relief she was informed she did not have to go. She and Sorin spent as much time together as possible but he was working over time in the forge for the upcoming winter traders festival.
Aurora had been a little surprised at the fact but as Kathy had pointed out to her the trade routes where seasonal so now everyone that had gone north to trade where now coming back south for the approaching winter. To help with her boredom Aurora had joined a local group
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Blood Oath Chapter 15
Aurora and Sorin slowly made their way up to the hospital, along the way stopping and chatting with a few people. It always surprised Aurora just how well others knew her name and who she was. Many she met knew her before even being introduced despite them having never met before. Everyone she met had some form of thanks or praise to give for her recent trip to the capital. And each time Aurora found herself fighting back embarrassment at the fact people where so grateful to her.
After a while she and Sorin made it to the hospital. Walking inside the place was virtually silent only the faint whir of fans could be heard. Walking over to the receptionist Aurora smiled as the young Jaguar behind the desk smiled back at her. “I’m looking for Sigurd is he available?”
The leopard smiled back and nodded. “He is actually out back with the people from the capital. They came running up begging to interview him.”
Aurora smirked a little and nodded. “Thank you.&
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Blood Oath Chapter 14
Aurora grunted as she woke up stretching. Raising her arms up and curling her toes she started to arch her back with a loud yawn until she felt the weight on her chest. Looking down with one eye open she smiled seeing Ziggy’s hair at the end of her muzzle. Slowly sitting her arms back down she felt another furry body on her right and two more in her left.
Smiling she shook her head realizing all of the kids where piled in around her. Gerhard had insisted the night before she take the king sized bed and now she saw why. Gently she reached down running her fingers through each of their hair. Both of the boys where starting to grow at an astounding rate. In the two months she had been gone they had both started to thin out and grow taller.
Ziggy was growing too though it seemed not near as fast as the boys. Her cheeks still had a lot of baby fat and her body still retained that cute chubby look of almost all children her age. Annabelle however seemed to have changed the most. Her bo
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Blood Oath Chapter 13
Aurora rolled over looking at the clock as the red numbers glared 4:35 AM at her. She gave a loud groan as she rolled onto her back. There was no way she was going to be going back to sleep. With a huff she got out of bed and moved around starting to get dressed. Until she saw a black vest hanging from the door with a note attached. ‘Miss Aurora I do apologize for the short notice but we will be having a short press conference before you leave. Wear the attached clothing and be ready by 8am.’
Aurora groaned as she grabbed the vest. On the front right chest was a shield of Wynnar. All across the chest and back was ornate silver stitching standing out against the black material. A pair of black leather pants accompanied the outfit. Sliding the vest on Aurora grumbled to herself as she fastened the buttons up the front.
Adjusting it a little she finished getting dressed walking out into the hallway. The entire place was silent as she padded softly down the hallway, her soft so
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Blood Oath chapter 12
Two months. Two brooding infuriating months. Aurora had known it was going to take time for the Senate to come to a consensus on what they wanted done but really?! Since her first visit to the Senate they had only been invited back one time. And that one time had been an absolute disaster.
Amongst the many other qualms many of the senators had about opening up trade with the Kanaima Aurora and Red had finally delivered the requirements of the Grand Council that made up the leaders of the Kanaima race.
The main spur of everything seemed to be the release of all the Kanaima held in what was simply called ‘the camp'. The camp was a compound deep in the Florida Everglades far away from most all human life. In it held all the Kanaima that had been caught crossing the border illegally. Aurora had heard mention of it from Gerhard a long time ago but had never given it much thought until it had come up in the negotiations.
Supposedly it housed many dangerous Kanaima who had attacked and
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The Magic of Magic Chapter 5
Roarke woke to the screeching of the alarm clock next to his bed. Reaching over he slapped the button with one paw. He had been with the white knights for three months now and they had been nonstop drilling him. From day one he had been pumbled in every way possible.
Even though he had not seen his father from the time he had stormed out from Roarkes initial test he felt the ever present invisible force of his grip. The first week had been spent in the fighting ring. If he ever thought he could fight before he was now sure he didn’t know. And had it not been for Erebos stepping in and saving him in more than one instance from the powerful blows of other magical creatures.
In the weeks after he rotated most all of his time between studying different magical creatures and gaining strength and endurance through fighting and training of all kinds. His handler Samuel had seen to it that he had virtually no free time since his arrival.
On the plus side he had managed to somehow gain fr
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Blood Oath Chapter 11
Aurora rolled over basking in the warm morning light filtering through the window. Her entire body ached as she stretched out on the bed. Images of what went on last night slowly came back to her and all she could do was smile. Looking around she realized Red was nowhere to be found. Sighing she shook her head.
Climbing out of bed she slowly shuffled over to the door before she realized her shirt was still in tatters on the bed.  Looking around she growled softly before sticking her head out of the door and looking down the hallway. Listening she didn’t hear and see anyone. Darting across the hall she ducked into her room shutting the door behind her.
Sighing softly she slid down the door rubbing the back of her head. “Ummm Aurora.” Auroras head shot up as she looked to see Frost sitting on the edge of her bed. Aurora felt her face turn ten different shades of red as she jumped up.
“What the hell” she finally managed to spit out as she scurried around
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Mature content
Blood Oath Chapter 10 part 2 :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0
Blood Oath Ch 10
Frost dove forwards as her stomach betrayed her once again. Hurling every speck of food she had eaten that morning just like she had done for three days in a row. Aurora sighed as she grabbed a wet rag and held it out for Frost after she had finished vomiting.
Red stood in the doorway and sighed. “Not to make light of your current condition Frost but we have to meet with the Senate today. We have put it off for nearly a week now.”
Aurora grunted and crossed her arms looking at Red. “She is sick Red she can’t help it.”
Red held up his hands “I know I know but if we don’t do something then the Senate will refuse to see us just to prove a point.”
Frost coughed gently. “You two go. I will stay here till we can figure out what’s wrong with me.”
A chuckle came from the bedroom as all three of them turned to see Dr. Saint with a medical bag and the president at his side. “I would venture to say my dear that you have a bad
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The Magic of Magic Chapter 4
Roarke blinked as he looked around trying to figure out where he was. It was completely dark with no light anywhere. Then he appeared, from the shadows Erebos strode forwards with a devilish grin on his face. Roarke growled taking a step back. “What did you do?!” He snarled his entire body trembling.
Erebos raised a brow as he stopped a few short feet from Roarke sitting down. “Me? I didn’t do anything but unleash the full capabilities of your powers.”
Roarke shook his head with another loud snarl. “I would never kill those people! You used me! You ripped them apart and killed my sister!” he lunged forwards snapping at Erebos only for his teeth to click in thin air.
Erebos was now at his side with his grin spreading wider. “I only removed your self control. You wanted them to hurt you wanted them to suffer. As for your sister you warned her. You didn’t even lay a finger on her.”
Roarke shook his head looking away. “I wou
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Mature content
The Magic of Magic Chapter 3 :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0


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Aurora had no idea how long she stood there staring. Her whole body seemed to be frozen in place staring at those blue eyes. Their depth only seemed to be matched with the intensity of them. Unblinking they remained fixed on her until for the briefest moment they shifted away looking past her.

Aurora finally tore her gaze away as the sound of the elevator door hissing shut behind her brought her out of her stupor. Turning she saw Dr. Saint making a bee line for the cage his face twisted into a dark smile. “Ah they got here early. I trust unloading him was easy enough?”

Aurora slowly gained her composure and nodded. “Yes they brought him in a covered crate. At least a dozen men all heavily armed and dressed in black. They didn’t say anything just dropped him off and left.”

Dr. Saint waived his hand dismissively “that’s the federation army for you.” Walking past her he stared at the cage with a wide grin. “You did read over the files I sent you.”

Aurora bit her lip and shook her head slowly. “No sir, I had a family emergency.”  

Dr. Saint turned and faced her his smile gone as he craned his neck up at her trying to appear taller. “I told you that information was vital for today. I made it expressly clear that you had to go over those files.”

“I’m sorry sir it won’t…” she was cut off by Dr Saint raising a hand to her face.

“I don’t want your excuses. Get out.” He snapped at her.

Aurora felt a sudden burst of rage well up from deep inside her. She was emotionally shot at this point and this tiny man snapping at her was the very last thing she needed today. “Well excuse me, I wasn’t exactly planning on my father freezing to death last night. My priorities where slightly skewed towards trying to save his life!”

Dr. Saint froze for a moment as what she said flickered across his face. Furrowing his brow he gave a loud huff waving his hand dismissively. “Fine. I’ll let it slide this time. So for today keep him in his cage. Strictly documentation and photos. Now get to work.” Walking away Dr. Saint fumed silently to himself.

Aurora glared after him for several long seconds her entire body ridged, ready to snap at any second. Slowly she let out a long deep sigh as she clenched and unclenched her shaking fists. Turning she found a clip board hanging off one of the walls. Pulling it out of it’s slot she sighed softly as she tried writing, but her hands where still shaking so badly she couldn’t even get the date down.

Slamming the clipboard down she turned back to her new charge. Making sure not to meet his eyes, she slowly began taking stock of the specimen standing in front of her. Feeling his eyes bore into her head. Growling softly she took a long slow breath steadying herself as she grabbed the clipboard again.

Taking a long breath again she took stock of what she was looking at. The first and most striking feature other than his eyes was the fur. His entire body was covered head to toe in dark grey fur. Though he had a simple white tank top and shorts on it was easy to see his markings even through his shirt. His chest was shock white, so white it made the shirt over it look almost tan. His arms, legs and face where covered in the dark grey fur with a mottled patchwork of charcoal black circles. Some where easily bigger than her hand while others where not much bigger than a golf ball. All of his visible fur seemed to have a sort of shine to it almost like it was polished.

His head was the next thing she noticed. It almost seemed odd on his human shaped chest and neck. A large square head looked like someone had attached a giant cats head to him. And though she made a point not to look him in the eye there was plenty more to look at. He had a short square muzzle with a black triangular nose that flared slightly with each breath. He had a charcoal black marking running from the top of his nose up between his eyes and disappeared behind the back of his head. Two rounded triangular ears sat at an angle on either side of his head. Each one seemed to be capable of moving independently.

Moving her eyes away from his face quickly as she felt his eyes boring into her more she looked down at his feet. He was bare footed though it seemed appropriate considering he didn’t have human feet. Instead they where huge paws. Each one didn’t appear to have claws but she was guessing they where probably retractable like a house cats.

His legs where also strange.  Curving back wards then forward again. Digigrade was the term that came to mind as she kept looking slowly up. His legs where almost overly long and even through the fur on his legs rippled with muscle at the slightest movement.

As she looked him over she noted where his arms. Like his legs they where almost too long and covered in hard muscle. His hands where an odd mix of human and animal. The insides seemed to have a rough pad like texture to them and where jet black. His fingers where long and thick but clearly flexible. The tips of his fingers where slightly larger than the rest again leading Aurora to suspect that they housed hidden claws.

The last detail she nearly missed because it was so out of place. A tail, not some short stumpy affair but long and several inches in diameter it was hard to tell what was fur and what was solid. The tail swayed back and forth slowly behind him nearly touching the floor before curling upwards in a J shape. It’s markings mirrored his body with a white underside and splotches of dark circles and grey fur covering the rest. The last few inches where black as the circles with the very tip being shock white.

Aurora wrote down everything she had seen. Glancing up briefly she was not at all surprised to see those intense blue eyes locked on her. What did surprise her and cause the color to rise in her cheeks was the fact he seemed to be looking over her with the same calculating look she had just looked at him with.

Growling softly she turned her back to him quickly. The kanaima gave out a short snort almost like her was laughing. Glaring over her shoulder she flushed even more to see that his square muzzle was twisted up in an obvious smile. Rolling her eyes she stormed off towards the front of the lab.

Dr. Saint was at the desk typing away as she approached. Not bothering to look away from him screen Dr. Saint smiled, “impressive isn’t he?”

Aurora nodded slowly glancing back across the lab at the cage. “Im still trying to process  exactly what I saw. I can see why they where so terrifying. He doesn’t seem to be made of anything but muscle. Is that his file?” she said gesturing at the screen.

Dr. Saint nodded taking his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose. “And it’s about as helpful as a pile of shit. Age unknown, race unknown, origins unknown, all I have are the absolute basics. Height, weight, and where he was caught. The only other notes I have here say he doesn’t speak at all. They have simply been calling him Blue.” Leaning back in his chair Dr. Saint spun around slowly. “Anything worth noting?”

Aurora flipped through her notes with a soft sigh. “Nothing that isn’t already in the file. But I do have an idea of his race.” Leaning over she began typing on the keyboard. “I do remember in class they said kanaima where based off real animals. And he…” she said rapidly clicking through a few task bars before pulling up an image of a snow leopard “looks to be a snow leopard.”

Motioning to the screen showing the animal laying out sun bathing. “See the markings? They match the kind he has. And the tail, she gestured to the over long puffy affair “is the same as his.”

Dr Saint nodded slowly. “Well if that is true I want you to do some research on snow leopards. See if he displays similar characteristics.”

Aurora gave a short nod. “Also while I didn’t note it in my description he did appear to have some sort of collar on. It was hard to see with all the fur on his neck but still.”

Dr. Saint nodded slowly. “That is the control collar. It’s in the documents I sent you. You will get a remote as well that will allow you to send an electric shock to the specimen should they become unwieldy. It also prevents them from escaping should we be over powered or killed.”

Aurora nodded bleakly as she was reminded once again how dangerous these creatures where. “Wait you said he didn’t say anything. So they can talk? How?”

Dr. Saint smiled. “Now that is something I can answer. After a few autopsy exams of these creatures we found that their vocal cords are far more complex than ours. This combined with a dexterous tongue they are fully capable of speaking any language known. A few that have been captured have spoken and from what I have been told they can speak just as well as you or I.”

Aurora nodded slowly looking back at the kanaima caged in the back noting that he still hadn’t moved from the same spot he was in earlier. “So why doesn’t blue boy over there talk? “

Dr Saint gave a small shrug as he interlaced his fingers. “My guess is spite. He knows we want to study him. He can’t physically resist us so he is digging his heels in any way he can. Be careful around him. If he has any mannerisms like a cat he can remain still for hours at a time then lash out in a lightning fast attack.”

Nodding Aurora made a note to keep her distance. “What else would you like me to do today?”

Giving a long drawn out sigh Dr. Saint shrugged softly. “Well I think we would do well to let our guest get acclimated to his new home. In the mean time you need to go over your operations manual. And since you said your father passed I would venture to assume that you are going to live here for the time being. Go and get whatever you need and get comfortable. We will begin our examinations tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget this.” Reaching into his lab coat  he pulled out a small black remote with a red button in the center. “Shock collar control. The manual covers how to use it.”

Aurora nodded briefly taking the remote and sticking it into her pocket. Walking around she made her way back into her bedroom to take stock of everything Kathy had brought. Aurora was more than a little surprised to see that besides all new clothing in one bag she found all of her personal effects from her apartment.

Smiling bleakly Aurora slowly sat her few personal belongings around the room before slowly storing her cloths neatly away.  Grabbing her new laptop she propped herself up on the bed and began reading through the very lengthy documents given to her.

Most of the documents where pretty basic federation rules and regulations she was very familiar with. It wasn’t until she got to the specific documents regarding the kanaima she had to slow down. Besides the shock collar remotes Aurora read that the collar also doubled as an audio device recording any and all sounds as well as vital signs. Continuing on she also discovered that tapping the remote five times rapidly would result in a small explosive in the collar exploding directly over the main arterys and veins in the neck.

Shaking her head she kept reading until she got to the personal defense section. Raising her brow she was amazed that each room was equipped with a red panic button. Pressing the button would result in a full lockdown of the facility and immediate Grant access to a weapons rack in every room. Further down was a contact number with several names and 'weapons training' written at the bottom.

Scratching her head Aurora sighed. She had never held a firearm much less fired one. But according to everything listed above it wasn’t just recommended she get training but actually required by her new job.

After a bit more reading she groaned closing her laptop.  Stretching out she gave a grunt at the sound of her stomach rumbling demanding to be fed. Swinging off the bed she reached down grabbing a brand new set of shoes that Kathy had gotten her. Smiling a little she slid them on not surprised they where the right size.

Heading out into the lab she glanced around seeing Dr. Saint standing in front of Blues cage a camera in his hand snapping photos. Walking over to the elevator Aurora headed up to the surface.

Kathy was sitting behind her desk still typing. Walking up Aurora leaned over the edge of the desk. Before she could say anything Kathy lifted one finger at her. “No need for thanks I’m just doing my job.”

Aurora opened and closed her mouth. How did this woman do that? “Well I’m here to thank you regardless. Whether it was your job or not I am grateful.”

Kathy huffed and shook her head never looking away from the screen. “There is a grocery store three blocks west of here. And don’t worry about the kanaima it’s food is taken care of. Dr. Saint had me advance you you’re first check so just use your ID to pay for everything. Your phone will notify you of your current balance after each purchase. Now if you don’t mind I have paper work to do.”

Aurora couldn’t help but smile as she walked out the door. Outside was covered in a thin layer of snow as more drifted slowly down from the sky. The world seemed so peaceful, people silently walked down the streets, electric city busses noiselessly glide by through the thin layer of snow.

Tucking her collar up around her ears Aurora made her way down the street following Kathies directions. Soon she found the grocery store, it was an elegant  affair with everything brightly lit. Rows of fresh produce gleamed  and a huge counter in the back with more cuts of meat than Aurora knew even existed.

A bit star struck by all her options she went a bit overboard with her shopping. By the time Aurora had gone through the store twice she had a heaping basket of food. Having always had to scrape and buy the cheapest options possible, much of what Aurora got now was everything she could never have afforded.

After ringing up a $200 grocery bill Aurora found herself staggering out of the store with two full armloads of groceries. But somehow she managed to waddle back to the research building without spilling anything. Walking back inside she couldn’t help but giggle softly as Kathy glanced up from her computer for a brief moment raising an eyebrow.

Carrying all her things back to the kitchen Aurora spent the better part of the next hour putting everything where she wanted. And after the reward of a pizza and a slightly distended stomach Aurora passed out on the couch.

Waking up a bit dazed Aurora looked around a little confused. Her vision seemed fuzzy around the edges but that’s not what grabbed her attention. The couch she was on was not the new leather couch of the lab but an old sagging brown cloth couch that creaked and groaned at every move she made.

Looking around warm light filtered in through a window. The room was small, but very comforting. Everything from the stained old coffee table to the worn floors showed signs of age but was very tidy. Nothing was cluttered or out of place.

Then her sense of smell caught up with her. First there was the musty smell of the couch but overwhelming that was the mouth watering scent of ham being cooked. As she slowly stood Aurora looked down at her cloths. The shirt was a plain button up shirt and a faded pair of blue jeans.

She had seen these cloths before. Everything around her seemed familiar but something felt very off. Walking into the kitchen Aurora felt her breath catch in her throat.

Standing humming to herself with her back to Aurora was the unmistakable figure of her mother. Her shoulder length auburn hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Her fair skin seemed to gleam in the light of the sun shining in through the window. She was tall and thin with a build much like Aurora’s.

Hot tears filled Auroras eyes as she lunged forwards wrapping her arms around her mother’s waist and sobbing softly into her back. With a surprised Yelp her mother spun around in Aurora’s grip.

Wrapping her arms around Aurora she shushed her softly rubbing her back. “Did you have a bad dream?” her voice was so warm and soft Aurora felt like she was going to melt into a puddle.

Shaking her head Aurora realized she was somehow several inches shorter. She had outgrown her mother years ago but right now the top of her head could barely touch her mother’s shoulder. Again she had the sense of something off but at this moment feeling her mother comfort her was enough to shake away any concerns.

Her mother gently ruffled Aurora’s hair and patted her back. “Now. You need to finish getting ready for school we have a big trip today. I don’t want us to be late.”

Auroras eyes snapped open. Suddenly she knew where she was, she knew what day it was. Mentally she began to scream even as her body moved mechanically. Shaking her head and blinking Aurora’s eyes fluttered wincing from the bright light.

Looking around they where at the edge of the Mississippi River. Standing at a small viewing platform overlooking the river and a small clearing. Her mother was standing next to her wearing a sun hat and a long blue sun dress. There where other students and their parents all around them.

Again Aurora felt herself screaming mentally trying to wake herself up. Her body moved mechanically forwards with the group her mother smiling alongside her holding Aurora’s hand. With another blink her mind spun and swirled again until she was now deep in the woods.

Her mother was next to her but instead of smiling her face was twisted in panic. Somewhere behind them there came a bellowing roar that sent them both scrambling in the opposite direction. They crashed through the brush as the sound of something massive came barreling towards them.

Reaching the bank of a small stream they both froze. It was about a ten foot drop down to a Sandy root strewn bank. Behind them the sound of the creature drew closer and closer. Grabbing Aurora’s shirt her mother pushed her down the embankment. “Hide!” she said her voice straining to stay quiet.

Aurora shook her head looking up at her mother. “Mom come on!” she pleaded. Holding a hand up to her mother Aurora strained to reach her mother over head. Her mother knelt down at the edge of the bank and grabbed Aurora’s hand.

“Baby hide, hurry!” she said her face twisted in fear as the sound of a small tree being knocked over just behind her seemed to echo like a death bell.

Aurora kept straining up trying to keep her grip on her mother. Suddenly there was a massive brown mass behind her mother. It looked like a moving mass of fur.

Aurora felt herself twist and writhe in terror as her mother’s face twisted in pain. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as blood began gushing out of her mouth. In a flash her mother’s hand was ripped from Aurora’s grasp. Whether by instinct or something more Aurora tucked herself in to the roots of the tree bank.

She covered her ears but she could still hear everything. The sound of flesh and bone being ripped and shredded. The screams of her mother rang in her head as she sank back against the bank of the stream. From above her a deafening roar cut through the air like a knife.

Aurora lunged upwards from her seat her throat instantly becoming raw from the scream that tore itself from her chest. She shook and shuddered looking around, she was back in the lab again. Her clothing was soaked in sweat and her entire body was trembling.

Looking around tears flowed down her face. Burring her face in her hands sobbing uncontrollably she tried her best to calm down though wet sobbing wracked her body.

After a few moments of sobbing she became aware of a loud ringing sound like steel being slammed against concrete. Blinking through tears she wiped her eyes standing slowly. The sound came again this time more clearly from the lab.

Walking over to the door she slowly swung it open. Now outside the break room the sound was accompanied by a low steady rumble. It took a few seconds for Aurora to realize it was a growl. Another loud bang made Aurora jump as the sound came from the cells at the back.

Walking around till she had a clear view of the back Aurora was stunned to see Blue throwing his entire weight against the cell. The entire cell tilted forward, the back coming up off the floor a couple of inches before slamming back down resulting in the resounding bang.

Running to the back of the cell blue froze just as he was about to lung forwards again. Their eyes met and she could swear even with the distance between them his face was worried. Walking forwards Aurora wiped her face again trying to remove any signs of her crying as she approached the cage.

Once she was within a few feet she began to understand why the cages where so thick. Blue had shifted his entire cell several inches forwards. Blinking Aurora looked up at him. He had never taken his eyes off of her since they initially locked eyes.

But now instead of passive uncaring he looked visibly relieved. Aurora couldn’t help but look him over. His side and arms both seemed swollen like he had been throwing himself against the cage for a while.

Ignoring every rule she had read Aurora walked closer. Now within just two feet of the cage Aurora couldn’t help but let a tentative smile touch her lips. In return blue gave a small nod visibly taking a long deep breath.

“You are ok?” the voice made Aurora jump. Maybe it was how young it sounded or maybe it was how warm it seemed. Then again it could have been the fact the kanaima in front of her had just spoken in clear English.

“I… y… yes I’m fine, are you ok?” Aurora said quickly trying to gather her composure. Blue gave a simple quick shrug before slowly turning around and sitting down on the edge of his cot. Looking at the kanaima perplexed she gathered her thoughts a little more. “Wait where you worried about me?”

Blue snorted softly looking away. He seemed almost puny now like he had nothing left. The kanaimas shoulders slumped forwards his entire body nearly limp as he rolled over and laid down on his cot.

Aurora stood there staring, waiting to see if he would say or do anything else. Her only answer came in the sound of soft snoring. Feeling herself turn bright red Aurora stormed off, even as she walked away she could have sworn she heard a small chuckle behind her.

Fuming slightly Aurora made her way back to the break room. Walking to her room she grabbed her phone. 2am great, she sighed to herself. Rubbing the back of her head she pushed the covers of her bed back and laid down.

Sleep though eluded her. As the time slowly drifted by she found herself being slowly buried by her emotions. Everything that had happened, her father’s death and the memory of her mother’s death only served to sink her deeper into dispair. She needed someone to talk to but no one was awake at this hour. And there was no one that she knew she could even call.

With a growl she rolled out of bed slowly and walked around her room then the break room bare footed. Unable to pace any more in the confined space alone she walked out into the lab. She walked around slowly only the soft padding of her feet against the cold concrete floor.

Finally she found herself at the cell row again. Walking up to blues cage she sighed softly. She looked down at him, he was laying down on his side with his back to the side of the cage she was on.

Sliding down against the cell bars behind her she sat down on the floor looking at him. She wasn’t sure why but seeing him laying there sleeping so peacefully put her at ease. “Thank you.” She said softly looking down at the floor.

“I know you probably don’t care but it means something to me to see someone worried about me. I don’t know why I’m saying any of this to you, maybe it’s because you’re the only one around maybe it’s because you seem like you are good despite your distant demeanor.”

Taking a long shaky breath Aurora brushed a lock of auburn hair out of her face. “My father died last night. Froze to death, probably a combination of booze and just how cold it is outside. It hurt but some part of me was just I don’t know almost expected it.”

Blue shifted slightly making Aurora pause but after a few seconds of silence  and no movement she continued. “Hes been a mess since my mother died. Her death was more of a shock to everyone.”

She swallowed hard as she looked up at the ceiling. “She was mailed to death. According to the official report it was a rabid bear. But I know what I saw. It was a bear but it was wearing clothing. I told the officers, but they said I was seeing things. Up until Dr Saint informed me kanaima where real I truly thought I had gone insane.”

Taking a long shaky breath she looked back down at the floor.  “According to the official report the bear was found and put down. They said there was evidence it had been the culprit. I never understood why though. Maybe that’s why I began down the animal studies path. I wanted to believe, I wanted to have a valid reason why she was killed. Why that bear seemed to enjoy killing her, why…” she trailed off as she choked back tears.

Looking back up she was met with Blues intense gaze. His face was set in a blank stare but it wasn’t boring into her or indifferent. He scooted a little closer to the bars resting his head against one of the bars. “You want to know if there are bear kanaima.” He said softly.

She nodded slowly leaning closer. “There are bear kanaima though they are very rare even amongst our kind. They usually keep to themselves but so do other species. From what you’ve said it sounds like a rogue. They are exiles cast out from society for being too aggressive. As to the specific bear… well that I can’t help you with.”

Aurora nodded slowly as she gave a weak smile. “I know you can’t be happy being here. Any animal I have studied has never liked being caged so I can’t imagine you enjoy being here. I will try and help you any way I can but for now you’ll just have to bear with this.”

He gave a long sigh and shrugged. “I don’t expect much. This is miles better than where I was.”

Aurora nodded slowly. “So I know Blue isn’t you’re real name but why stay silent? Speaking would make your life so much easier.”

He smirked a little and shrugged. “If someone threw you in cuffs just for crossing a line in the Sand, put you in a prison cell in a virtual hell on Earth and tortured you daily. Would you feel like speaking to anyone?”

Aurora couldn’t help but shake her head. “No I’d probably stay silent too.”

He nodded slowly and sat up crossing his legs. “And my name is Gerhard.” Sticking his hand through the cell bars with a wide sharp fanged grin. “Now let’s talk brass tax.”
Aurora was feeling rather self conscious as she stepped off the train. She was surrounded by people in business suits and brief cases, and all of them seemed to be staring at her. Sure she had tried to clean up as much as possible but in winter time she was lucky to get two minutes of luke warm water from her shower and nice clothing wasn’t really an option for someone on her shoe string budget. Her clothing was a plain white button up shirt and black pants, both of which showed signs of being heavily  worn.

Looking around she rubbed her temples. She was not a morning person, so waking up at 5am and stepping off the train at 6 was not a great morning at all. On top of that she had no idea where she was going. Looking around she finally spotted a federation peace keeper standing on the street corner.

Walking up she gently tapped the man on his shoulder. The peace keeper turned to her seemingly irritated that someone had interrupted his peace and quiet. “I ummm… sorry to bother you sir but I’m looking for the institute of research and technology.”

The man peered over his sunglasses at her looking her up and down slowly. “Why does a slim rat like you want to know such a thing?” He snapped glaring at her.

Aurora felt the color in her cheeks rise as she glared back at the man. “I work there it’s my first day and I’m a little lost.”

The peace keeper raised a brow as he looked her over again. “Sure…” he snorted crossing his arms. After a few long moments of Aurora not budging and continuing to glair at him he gave a long sigh. “Fine.” Pointing to his right “two blocks down, big black building on your left. I better not have to come and drag you away later.”

Aurora turned on her heels without another word and marched off. She was hot enough under her collar that she felt certain she was literally steaming in the cold air. But true to his word, after two blocks Aurora found herself standing in front of a polished black metal building. It had no visible windows to speak of making it hard to tell how tall it exactly was, the letters Bureau if Research and Technology in glowing white letters above the entrance.

Looking up at the towering  building she took a breath. Walking in through the front doors Aurora was only mildly surprised to see the inside was stark white. There was no furniture at all inside the large square room save for a reception desk at the far side of the room. A single set of double doors sat directly behind the desk and a very angry looking receptionist, her jet black uniform was immaculate as was her hair pulled back into a tight bun not a single hair out of place.

Walking up to the desk Aurora stood stock still waiting to be acknowledged. But the receptionist never looked up from her computer but instead kept on typing like Aurora didn’t even exist.  

Aurora waited patiently for all of about 3 minutes before she cleared her throat. The receptionist never looked up from her typing. “Youre the new girl aren’t you.” She said in a sharp icy voice.

Aurora felt the anger slowly building in her chest as she crossed her arms. “Yes, and I’d like to be on time to my first day if you don’t mind.”

“Well then you are about a half hour too early. You will have to wait until someone comes in and gives you clearance to enter. So sit back and wait… preferably away from my desk thank you.”

Aurora stood there staring at the woman a bit shocked. But she didn’t want to loose a job like this because of her temper, not again. Fuming silently she walked over to the far wall and leaned back against it with her arms crossed.

After several long slow minutes with only the receptionists typing echoing in the room the entrance door slid open. Aurora stood immediately hearing the door open. In walked Dr. Saint wearing a heavy calf length fur coat. Glancing over at Aurora he nodded briefly. “Good you’re here,  I didn’t want to have to find another assistant if you had been late. Now let’s go.” Without another word he walked up to the desk. “Kathy I need Aurora to have full access to the lab, even when I am not present.”

Kathy reached down pulling an already completed ID badge. “Already had it waiting for you sir.” Handing the ID to Dr. Saint never looking up from her computer.

Dr Saint turned to Aurora “do not loose this badge. It is you’re ID, your pay card and your key to the lab. If you do loose it, well don’t bother coming back to work.”

Aurora nodded shortly taking the badge and sliding it into her pocket. Dr. Saint nodded as he turned walking around the desk and through the double doors. Aurora was hot in his heels through the door. Inside was a long corridor with rows of doors about 15 feet apart, at the end of the hallway was a stainless steel elevator door.

Walking up to the elevator door Dr. Saint pressed his ID badge up to a small grey pad next to the door. With a small ding the door swung open with a soft hiss. Stepping inside he again pressed his ID to a pad inside. Aurora braced herself for the elevator to lung upwards but instead was greeted by a weightless whoosh as the elevator seemed to free fall strait down. Staggering slightly Aurora’s eyes grew large as she was amazed at the speed the elevator moved downwards.

Just as suddenly as the elevator fell it came to an abrupt stop. Aurora had to brace herself against the side of the elevator to keep from falling at the sudden stop. Standing back up as the elevator door hissed open Aurora’s jaw dropped at the sight in front of her.

As she and Dr Saint stepped out of the elevator she felt overwhelmed by the view. The room was absolutely massive, easily the size of two football fields square and 40 feet high. The entire ceiling was one giant light that seemed to mirror daylight. But that wasn’t what had Aurora so amazed.

The entire space was filled not with lab equipment like she expected but with gym equipment. The equipment was all sub divided by glass walls allowing her to see from one end of the lab to the other. There where roughly a dozen by what Aurora could see, each having anything from weights to treadmills one against a wall even had what looked like a 20 foot tall wooden wall.

Aurora was a bit puzzled by the equipment but soon realized Dr. Saint had already started walking away. “Impressive isn’t it. Got this lovely place when the new president took over. He seems rather keen on my research.” Walking over to a small nitch cut into one of the walls where a computer and chair where placed.

“Yes sir, but if you don’t mind my asking what are we researching? I mean my specialty is animal behavioral studies. This place looks like a world class gym.”

Dr. Saint slowly turned to her leaning against the desk. Crossing his arms his attitude went from mild entertainment to coldly serious. “What do you know about kanaima?”

Aurora raised a brow. “Not much honestly. Not beyond what’s taught in school.”

Dr. Saint raised a bow as if waiting for her to elaborate. “I mean all I really know is they where weapons of war. They helped us win WWIII then turned on us 30 years later and where wiped out soon after. I can’t tell you much else, honestly I don’t even know what one looks like.”

Dr. Saint groaned dipping his head. Letting out a long weary sigh he shook his head looking back up at her. “They where far more than some simple weapon. They where the pinnacle of bio weapons tech, and in many ways still are. We are here to study them.”

Aurora cocked her head to the side “But they where all wiped out. How can we study something that’s extinct.”

Dr. Saint chuckled softly and shook his head again. “Oh what they teach in schools today. Here is a thirty second summary of what actually happened. We didn’t wipe them out. In fact we surrender half the country to them to appease the slaughter they wrought on our country. Trust me my dear they are very much alive and well.”

Aurora gave a slack jawed stare. “Surprising I know. But the point of our research here is to study them. Apparently they have been getting a little bold as of late, crossing the border and mingling with the rabble of border cities. Our new president wants to know about them. All the information we lost on them needs to be rediscovered. We are here to see just what they are capable of and if they post a threat to our safety.”

Aurora nodded slowly glancing around. “Pardon a redundant question but where are they?”

Dr. Saint chuckled softly. “The first one will be arriving tomorrow. I brought you in today to allow you to familiarize yourself with the lab. I also have some extensive files you will need to look over on safety and basics of what I expect you to do. You do have a laptop correct?”

Aurora blinked then shook her head. “Sorry sir I don’t. All I have is the standard phone the federation gives all it’s employees.”

Dr. Saint huffed and reached back behind his back and pulled out his wallet. Pulling out a wad of cash as big as a small child’s fist he held it out to her. “Take this, call it an advance on your first pay. You will need a laptop, nothing fancy just for data entry. And while you are at it get some proper lab clothing. Whatever you’re wearing won’t suffice around here.”

Taking the cash Aurora was speechless. The wad was nothing but $100 bills. This was more than she made in a month at her old job.  “You are to keep yourself well kept at all times. I expect you on call at any given time. Understand I do not care what you do outside these walls, you show up when I say.”

Aurora nodded slowly tucking the money away. Her mind swimming with things she needed to buy and everything else she would pay with this extra money. “So what all do you want me to do today then?”

Dr. Saint slowly stood up dusting his hands off. “Get familiar with the lab and the break room. After you do that call it a day and go get what I told you to get. Be here early tomorrow. It promises to be a big day.” Without another word Dr. Saint walked back to the elevator and soon disappeared behind the sliding steel door.

Aurora let out a long breath that she didn’t even realize she had been holding in. Looking around the giant room she began pacing around the giant room.

The main lab area was exactly how she had described it. The place looked like a massive sterile gym. One thing she did notice about all the equipment was the fact all of it had sets of cables and anchors attached to the floor as if made to hold something extremely strong in place.

At the far back of the lab she discovered six large heavy steel cages. Each one built like a small prison cell with a cot toilet and sink. The cages themselves where steel bars nearly two inches thick. Again everything seemed to be built to an insane standard of strength. Even the doors where thick steel bars, held shut with massive electromagnet locks.

Shaking her head Aurora made her way around. The walls of the lab where all smooth save for the computer nook and a single door near the front of the lab. Walking up to the single door Aurora turned the knob the door clicking open softly.

Inside was what Dr. Saint had called a break room. What Aurora found instead was a room the size of a small house. The room was mostly open, but unlike the lab outside it was filled with stuff. A large sectional sofa, love seat and recliner where all circled around a coffee table and a TV the size of a bedroom wall. Across from it was a huge open kitchen. Cabinets and a refrigerator big enough to stock a restaurant lined the wall. A large polished steel island in the middle with four barstools  tucked neatly underneath the edge completed the kitchen.

Walking to the far side Aurora opened one of the three doors against the far wall. The first was a simple broom closet fully stocked with cleaning supplies. The second opened up to a cozy bedroom with a dresser and a queen sized bed. The final room was a huge bathroom nearly the size of the bedroom. A large shower was in one corner butted up against a vanity and a toilet sat in the other corner.

After wandering back around the lab and break room again Aurora finally felt like she had a good layout of the place. Walking back over to the elevator she pulled out her ID and with a soft ding the door opened. A quick trip back up to the surface and Aurora staggered out of the elevator from it’s sudden stop again. Walking past the receptionist who was still hammering away at her keyboard Aurora made her way back out onto the street.

Once the doors slid open Aurora’s breath caught in her throat. The air outside was absolutely frigid, even colder than when she went in. Crossing her arms she tucked into her self as much as she could. Heading quickly down the street she ducked into the nearest clothing store she could find.

A short time later she walked out happily snug in her new coat. Smiling to herself she finally was able to look around. Too busy and cold earlier she hadn’t paid much attention to the buildings around her.

Aurora found herself surrounded by square and immaculate buildings. Unlike the slums everything in the city center was new and clean. None of the buildings seemed to be more than ten stories but that didn’t keep them from being imposing none the less. Walking around slowly she finally found an electronics store. And again after a short walk inside and back out she had a shiny new laptop.

Glancing down at the time on her phone she decided to head back home. Climbing onto the nearest tram she couldn’t help but smile at the thought of getting all her bills paid. She still had enough money to pay everything and still have cash left over.

Climbing back off the tram on her familiar station she made her way around quickly to her apartment. Opening the door she was only slightly surprised to find it was as cold inside as it was outside. Shaking her head she paused inside the door. Something wasn’t right, it was dead silent. Her dad was always back by now.

Walking into the living room she could see the top of her dad’s head on his chair. Moving around in front of the chair her heart stopped. Her dad was sitting in his chair but his face and hands where a dead blue grey color.

Grabbing his shoulders Aurora shook him violently “Dad!” she screamed. Even touching him through his shirt he was ice cold. Slapping him across the face Aurora felt hot tears in her eyes as she kept shaking him trying to wake him up. Grabbing her phone she shakily dialed the emergency line. It seemed like an eternity until the operator picked up the line.

From that moment everything was a slow motion blur. The ambulance showed up and the medics rushed into the room as Aurora crumpled up against the wall sobbing uncontrollably. At some point she vaguely recalled  one of the medics leading her out into the ambulance outside.

Time continued to move in slow motion around her. The medics lead her inside and after checking her vitals left her sitting alone in an exam room. After a while Aurora slowly began to regain her sense of time and reality.

Looking around she slowly climbed down off the exam table. Walking through the door she found herself in a long corridor. Taking what looked like the shorter way she wandered aimlessly around for a few minutes until she came to a large medical desk with several nurses and doctors gathered around it carrying out their daily tasks.

Walking up to one of the women at a computer she swallowed hard. The lady glanced up giving her a warm smile. “Yes dear how can I help you?”

Aurora swallowed again trying to find her voice. “I uh I came in with a man. I don’t know how long ago it was.”

The lady nodded as she typed out something on her computer. “You where with a Mr Tony Winters correct?”

Aurora nodded slowly as she felt her heart sink lower and lower as the expression on the woman’s face darkened. “Im sorry dear. It appears Mr Winters was brought into the emergency room and declared deceased upon arrival. I’m sorry dear.”

Aurora gulped slowly as she shook her head. “Is there… is there any way for me to see him?”

The nurse nodded slowly pointing down one of the hallways. “Just down that way dear. It’s the double doors at the end of the hallway.”

Aurora nodded. Her whole body had gone numb, she could feel herself walking but it seemed like someone else was moving her. Even as she got further down her mind was completely blank. This wasn’t happening to her, it wasn’t her walking to the double doors or pushing them open. It wasn’t her mouth telling the coroner who she was and why she was there. It wasn’t her that slid the freezer door open and sliding the exam table out that held her father.

Even as she stood there staring down at her father. His face seemed relaxed, years of troubles and drinking had melted off of his face. Reaching down she gently stroked his face. His stubble brushing against her hand seemed to bring her around to reality.

Hot tears flowed down her face as Aurora sank down to her knees. Sobbing uncontrollably the only thing holding her up was her arms hooked over the edge of the table. She wasn’t sure how long she laid there sobbing.

She wasn’t sure when but she woke up to a gentle hand on her shoulder. Looking over she saw the face of the coroner, his face twisted in deep sorrow. “Im sorry dear but you can’t stay here any longer.”

Aurora nodded slowly as she stood up wiping away the crusted stains from her tears. Slowly standing she leaned over and kissed her father’s forehead before slowly sliding the drawer back shut. “I guess… can we have him buried next to my mother. I can give you the information.”

The coroner smiled sadly. “If that’s what you would like dear. But you won’t have to give us any information we can look it all up. You need to get some rest.”

Nodding Aurora shook the coroner’s hand. “Thank you.” She said softly. Walking slowly back out the door and down the hall. After stopping at the reception desk she made her way out of the hospital.

Climbing onto the nearest tram she mechanically found herself back at her apartment. Looking up at the run down building she shook her head as she felt tears start to well up again. Turning around she climbed back onto the tram.

Riding around she got off in the city center. It only began to process that it was quite late when she walked to the research center and the lights where off. Digging into her coat she pulled out her ID. Pressing it up to the keypad the door gave a surprising beep and slid open.

Walking inside she blinked. Inside was like nothing had changed. Kathy was sitting behind her desk still typing away. Pulling out her phone Aurora looked at the clock showing 12am. Raising a brow slightly she mechanically walked past Kathy without a word.

Making her way through the hall and into the elevator she felt the lurch of the machine free falling. With a stumble she stepped out into the lab. All the lights clicked on at once making her wince at the lights. Moving to the break room she opened the door to the bedroom and collapsed on to the bed.

She awoke to her alarm blaring right next to her head. Groaning she turned the alarm off and climbed out of bed. Walking around she tripped and nearly fell over several bags in the floor. Looking down she was amazed to find a full wardrobes worth of clothing all in her size.

Blinking she found a small tag on top. 'Miss Aurora, Sorry about your father. Kathy' Shaking back a fresh wave of tears Aurora gathered up the clothing setting it all on the bed. After rummaging around she found everything she would need.

Quickly she got a shower relishing in the small delight of enjoying a long hot shower. After climbing out and getting dressed she heard a soft sound of a large electric motor. Quickly she made her way out to the lab pulling on a lab coat.

Outside to her surprise the far wall revealed a huge door at the far end of the lab. Making her way over quickly Aurora was surprised to see more than a dozen men all dressed in black carrying military rifles. As they piled out from entrance a huge crate followed covered in a black sheet.

Walking up the men didn’t seem to pay her any attention as they moved the crate around to the cages next to them. Aurora’s heart skipped a beat realizing that they must be dropping off the kanaima. Everything else seemed to melt from her mind as she came within ten feet of the crate.

The crate was moved around so it was positioned directly infront of the cell door. With a clang the cell door slid open. Every guard around her raised their weapons and pointed it at the crate as the door slid open.

The seconds ticked by until the crate shifted slightly as something shifted out of the crate and into the cell. The cell door clanged back shut. Aurora still hadn’t seen what was inside. But as the crate was moved away and the guards receded back into the elevator Aurora finally got a look at her new test subject. But even as her eyes locked on the creature standing in front of her she found herself eye locked with the brightest most intense set of sapphire blue eyes she had ever seen.
Kanaima Remastered Ch2
Chapter two of kanaima remastered. Hope you all enjoy. As always leave comments of your thoughts of the story. Hopefully Chapter three will come a lot sooner than the last two chapters.
Kanaima Ch1 Remastered

In a dark room two dozen faces where illuminated only by the dull glimmer of the projector screen gave any light. The screen then went black before a deep and gravely masculine voice echoed in the room. “This broadcast is brought to you by your friends here at the federation.” A golden seal then appeared on the screen, an eagle clutching a sword in it’s right talon and in it’s left a bundle of arrows.

The screen then flashed revealing a battlefield, the sky was darkened by black smoke that curled through the air from giant fires burning in the background. The camera then panned around to a torn earth disheveled by bombs, links of barbed wire  dotting the landscape. The voice again began speaking “This was the great war. The war that ravaged our world leaving nearly two billion men women and children dead.”

The screen then shifted to an overview of the entire North America hemisphere, each respective country illuminated by their own flag. “Back then the federation was split between three individual countries. Canada, the United States, and Mexico. All where strong in their own ways, but none could stand against the united fronts of China and North Korea. And through their unprovoked attack on these countries of North America they sparked the largest and bloodiest war in the history of the world.”

The screen again shifted the flags disappearing as a red line appeared. The line quickly moved from the west coast across the breadth of the continent then stalled roughly half way. “The enemy quickly overwhelmed  the greatest majority of each countries defenses. The only thing that stalled this advance was the combined efforts of armed civilians and what remained of each countries militaries. Soon a bloody stalemate began at the banks of the Mississippi River of the United States.”

The screen panned down to the banks of the river showing several hundred miles of the coast. “The war raged for nearly a year in this bloody stalemate. It was only when the addition of a new weapon was added that the combined American forces turned the tide.”

The screen went blank then showed the silhouettes of five soldiers standing in a V formation. Everything about them seemed normal except behind each of them swung a fifth appendage. “The Kanaima, an ultimate weapon of living flesh was created. Faster, stronger, and more agile than any human these hybrid creations of man and beast became the spear point of the new American counter offensive. They carved a bloody path of death and destruction all the way back to the coast.”

“But even their might was not enough to bridge the Pacific ocean and crush our enemies. So a special comity was formed. And from this comity the Federation emerged. A United country that along with it’s allies crushed their enemies.” The screen then showed the signature mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb being detonated. “The Federation turned the entirety of the Asiatic countries to radioactive dust. We had won the war.”

The camera then panned around to the federation flag atop a building of white granite. Three of the kanaima again only outlined in Black walked up the steps of the building helmets under their arm. “As a thanks to the kanaima the Federation allowed them to settle and live out their lives as honored soldiers of the war. It would prove to be a grave mistake.”

The screen flashed red as the sound of gunfire echoed into the room. “Not 40 years later the kanaima arose in revolt. They burned and destroyed many of the great cities that had arisen during our time of peace. Their slaughter was merciless, killing all in their path.” The screen again flashed not with one but multiple atomic blasts. “The Federation was forced to destroy nearly half of it’s lands to destroy these monsters in their steps. In return we lost most of the western half of the country to radiation.”

“In an effort to keep it’s people safe from fallout and anything else that may arise from the ashes the Federation placed a permanent quarantine on these lands leaving them to grow wild amongst the radioactive dust.” The screen went black again with only the Federation seal on the screen. “In our new world we must all strive for greatness for the good of the Federation and it’s people. This is how we shall endure, this is how we will thrive.”

The screen turned off as everyone in the room winced as the bright LED lights came back on. The teacher, a textbook example of the federation school system, from her strait pressed clean grey clothing to her square framed glasses gave little doubt there was no room for negotiation of thought. “Now students” she said with a voice like ice walking up and down the rows of desks with a ruler in hand. “Can anyone…”

She stopped near the back of the room where a long mop of Auburn hair was draped over a desk. Slamming her ruler down on the desk making the student jerk up. “Miss Winters, I realize today is the last day of school for you but can you at least pretend to pay attention.”

The teen groaned softly pushing her long hair back, emerald green eyes darting up to the teacher. “Sorry Mrs. Bells I had to work late last night…”

Mrs. Bells cut her short pointing the ruler at her. “I will not have excuses miss Winters you are held to the same standards as everyone else. Now what was the point of that film we all just watched?”

Huffing she rubbed her temple with a groan. “It was about the war, the same video we have watched at least twice every semester since third grade.”

“And why do we watch this video so much?” the teacher asked her eyes narrowing.

“So we learn the mistakes of our past. To that end also to never create something we can’t control, like the Kanaima”

“Very good miss Winters. Now.” Mrs. Bell said turning and walking back to the front of her class. “For those of you not graduating, I expect a full 20 page report over your winter break on how the Federation has proven it’s worth since the kanaima war and the lessons learned.” Half the class groaned as the bell gave a loud shrieking ring. “And to those of you graduating, go forth for the glory of our great nation.”

Getting up from her desk with a sigh and grabbing her bags. “Hey Aurora!” turning to face another teen Aurora gave a sigh. “What are you doing for graduation?” the bubbly little blonde grinned.

Giving a grunt Aurora shouldered her pack. “You know damn well I have to work. I can’t…”

“You can’t loose your job at the lab I know, I know. I just thought maybe you could get off for one day is all.”

“Harmony you know I’d love to but I can’t.” Aurora sighed as she made her way to the door, Harmony hot on her heels. “But my dad’s out of work and I am so close to getting a promotion. I’ll make it up to you I swear.”

Harmony nodded as they walked through the crowded hallway and out the front door. The sterile white building slowly fading behind them as the two girls made their way down the street. The cold air fogging with each hot breath as they walked.

Finally they came to a large grey 5 story building. “Well I am off to work.” Aurora gave a weak smile patting Harmony on the back. Walking in the front door she pulled a small ID badge out. Scanning it against a keypad on the wall the doors gave a soft hiss and swung open. Walking inside Aurora sat her pack down in a locker and grabbed a white lab coat.

Walking in to a solid white room filled with small glass cubicle rooms filled with equipment. Weaving her way through the rooms Aurora made her way to the back where two men where talking. One she recognized immediately as her boss. A tall and gangly man with brown hair and glasses Mr. Tanner was the image of a scientist. A thin face with jutting cheekbones, steel grey eyes that seemed to see everything and delicate long fingers perfect for doing very precise work.

The other man she had never seen. He was short, maybe 5’6 and thin as a rail. His head was shaved smooth, his face was scarred with crater like depressions. His keen electric blue eyes immediately darted to Aurora as she approached. “Ah miss Winters” Dr. Tanner said with a smile. “Congratulations on graduating today.”

Aurora smiled and nodded. “Thank you sir.” She turned her attention to the stranger who was still staring at her with a cold distant stare. “Im Aurora Winters. It’s a pleasure to meet you mister….”

The man never even looked at her hand as he gave a short snort. “Its Doctor, Doctor Tiberius Saint.” Raising a hand cutting Aurora off before she could correct her error. “Dr. Tanner says you are his best assistant in his animal behavioral study.”

Aurora nodded. “Well it’s flattering to hear such praise. Though studying cattle and pigs is a fairly strait forward process.”

Dr Saint nodded slowly. “That it is. But I have not come here to exchange pleasantries. I came here to acquire an assistant that is skilled with dangerous animals. Dr. Tanner tells me you are such a person.”

Aurora nodded finding it hard to meet the gaze of this intense little man. “I would be more than willing to give it a try sir.”

Dr. Saint nodded shortly. “Then I will send you the information of where you will be working as of tomorrow morning.”

Auroras jaw dropped. “Tomorrow? But I have a thesis I’ve been working on for nearly a year.”

“I don’t care about pigs Miss Winters. Either show up tomorrow or stay here. It makes no difference to me there are dozens of you to choose from.” Dr. Saint gave a cold smile as he walked away. “And good to see you again Tanner.”

Aurora and Dr. Tanner watched as the man walked silently from the room. “Well that was intense.” Dr. Tanner said with a weak smile. “So are you going to take his offer?”

Aurora shrugged as she looked up at him. “What do you think? I mean the guy seems like a hard ass. That and I’ve put so much work into our research. I don’t want to just abandon it.”

Dr. Tanner shrugged as he walked around to a file cabinet. “Saint is a hard ass for sure. But he is one of the most respected scientists in his field. He does all kinds of work with exotic animals. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. And I can finish your research, it’s almost done anyways. Now for today just call it a day and get some rest. You are going to need it.”

Aurora nodded slowly, “If you say so. It’s been a pleasure working for you sir.” She shook Dr. Tanner’s hand before heading back out into the bitter cold. Walking down a near empty street she made her way to a train station. After a few minutes the train slid into the station. Aurora sighed and climbed in.

As the train slowly took off from the station. Out the windows Aurora got an excellent view of the city, not that there was much to see. Grey buildings spanned across the cityscape none more than five or six stories tall. The entire place was built more like a military barrack than a major metropolitan city, the streets all in clean grids.

After a few minutes on the train it slowed pulling up to Aurora’s stop. Climbing off and shouldering her pack Aurora sighed. This was the worst part of town by far. Most of the buildings here where run down, trash littered the streets and graffiti covered the walls.

As Aurora made her way to a run down building she gave a long mental sigh bracing herself. Opening the door she made her way up to the second floor through a set of metal stairs. She had almost made it to her apartment when there came the one sound she didn’t want to hear.

The soft tapping of a cane against concrete and shuffling of feet was never a welcome sound. Turning Aurora faced the old landlord. A bent and twisted old man, he was missing one eye with four long diagonal scars across his face. His voice like gravel “You’re rent is late miss Winters.” He said tapping the cane in front of him.

“I am aware mister Finchley. My dad spent all our rent money again. I’ll have it back to you as soon as possible.”

“Soon as possible isn’t good enough! I have a business to run here and you and that deadbeat you call a father are a constant thorn in my side. Pay up or be evicted.”

Aurora’s face flushed red. Her father was a dead beat but hearing someone else say it was not something she wanted to hear. “Listen here you twisted old man!” she took a step forwards. “I am doing my damn best. So fine evict us throw us out in the cold like those kanaima did to you in St. Louis I don’t care. Now unless you have something relevant to here and now I have shit to do!”

The old man never flinched but his one good eye shone with Glee. “Hehe, alright alright missy don’t get your pants in a twist. One week, if only because you’re the only person in this building with the balls to tell me to fuck off.”

Aurora glared at the old man before shoving her key in the door and swinging it open. “Good day” she said curtly before vanishing into the room and slamming the door behind her. Once inside Aurora slowly sunk down the door fighting back tears of rage.

After a moment collecting herself she slowly stood up. The tiny apartment was barren. Only a small couch and a recliner decorated the room. The room was cold, just a few degrees warmer than outside. Occupying the recliner was a snoring figure. Aurora sighed shaking her head seeing her dad once again passed out in his chair.

Walking into what could generously be called a kitchen Aurora opened the fridge, only a few slices of cheese and a bottle of ketchup where inside. “Shit.” She mumbled to herself. Closing the door she walked around and slapped her dad’s leg gaining her a small grunt. “Well least you aren’t dead.” She sighed. Grabbing a blanket she threw it over her dad.

He was showing signs of his age. His once jet black hair had turned nearly completely grey. Face sunken and disheveled a solid two weeks worth of beard covering his face. His body was thin save for a bulging beer belly. An empty whiskey bottle was laying on the floor next to him.

With a low sigh Aurora shook her head making her way back to the one bedroom in the apartment. Throwing her backpack down on the bed Aurora walked over to a small wooden dresser. On top was a single photo of a woman with green eyes and Auburn hair. “Hi mom” Aurora said softly.

Sighing she stripped off her winter coat. Looking at herself in a mirror Aurora shook her head. She was a late bloomer for sure. Her hair hung down nearly to her butt in long tendrils from lack of being washed. Her strong Saxon features where made all the more apparent with her thin build. She was tall for a woman standing at a full six feet tall. She could best be described as gangly, part of it was due to the fact she had never filled out, the rest was due to the fact eating was optional on most days and nonexistent on others.

Shaking her head she tore her green eyes away from the face in the mirror. Grabbing her pack she pulled out the few things she had kept from school. A few pens and notepads along with a calculator was all she had to show for her long years in the state education.

Flopping down on her bed Aurora pulled out the small smart phone she had been issued for working at the labs. Scrolling through her notifications she reflected a little on her past year. She had taken a job at one of the local science centers to make ends meet. Dr. Tanner had taken her under his wing seeing her potential as a scientist. She had always had excellent grades in school but for someone living in the slums it rarely meant much. After slaving over paperwork and research for a year and working with some of the smelliest and most disgusting animals possible. But she did the work none the less.

Looking over at the picture on her dresser Aurora shook her head again. Her mother had been killed nearly five years ago. She was a school teacher but unlike most teachers she always was smiling and bringing joy to those around her. They had been on a school trip when someone had mysteriously attacked the group and killed everyone. Maybe it wouldn’t have bothered her as much if they had caught the ones who had done it. But nothing happened.

Her family had never been very well off but after her mother died everything went down hill quickly. Her father had turned to drinking to cope, quickly burning through what little savings they had. He had tried for a while to keep menial jobs but it was never enough and he always got fired for being a drunk. Her getting a job had been a godsend to them both but many days it felt like too little too late.

Shaking her head Aurora turned her attention back to her phone. Finding the email she was looking for, she clicked on the display as the information from Dr. Saint popped up. Reading over the email she sighed softly. The information was pretty standard including a temporary ID and the address to the lab. Scrolling through she found a contract at the bottom. Most of it was the usual secrecy disclosure but what caught her attention was the section that was meant as a will.

Scratching her head Aurora filled out the form stating who she was and living relatives. After another minute of filling out the form Aurora hit send and rubbed her temples. The address listed was one she had never seen before. Pulling up the address Aurora’s jaw hit the floor.

The address was to a building in the heart of the city, in what was the nicest most upscale area of town. Shaking her head slowly Aurora groaned. How was she going to pull this off? She was from the slums on the verge of homeless and now she has to go into the heart of the city where the wealthy and powerful lived and worked. What has she gotten herself into?

Rolling over she grabbed a heavy blanket on her bed. Rolling up in the covers she set her alarms for extra early in the morning. Closing her eyes Aurora slowly drifted off to sleep. What in the world was she thinking?
Kanaima Remastered chapter 1
Alright so I am rewriting my original Kanaima story. This will hopefully maybe one day be published. For those of you who have read the original I do hope you enjoy this retelling. It should help fill out and build a better story.
Tails Tale: Chapter 1

High school is a rough time for any student. Its harder if you don’t fit in with everyone else. And harder still if you are the new kid on the block. Well I have a story for you, one that shows when it comes to high school being on the outside of things can serve you well. Especially if you suddenly decide to grow a tail.

But I digress. First let me tell you about me. My name is Ragnar, a terrible name I know but none the less it is my name. My parents are huge into Nordic mythology to the point that they actually are pagan in their beliefs. Which sounds cool on the surface, but try explaining to high school students that your ‘parents believe Thor and Odin are real. Not the best way to make friends.

Besides my parents strange beliefs it extends further into their daily lives. As long as I have been able to remember my mom has stayed at home. She is in the most traditional sense possible a home maker. She cooks and cleans, taking care of everything you can imagine… Including making all of our clothing. Yep that’s right ladies and gentlemen my mother makes all of our clothing by hand. Now to her credit she is very good at what she does. Unless someone tells you, it’s made by her most would assume that our family just wears older style garments. Button up shirts are about all I have in my possession. Thankfully my parents don’t force me to wear kilts. My father is sadly very fond of them and until I was old enough to know that no one wears them anymore I wore them.

My dad being a more eccentric man lived his life right on the edge of what most people would consider “appropriate”. Being a history professor at the local university only slightly reduced the oddity that he was. This was a grown man that wore a kilt and classic made clothing. He was good intentioned about it all but sometimes it was a little overwhelming.

At this point I should also point out that my parents are both very attractive. They both keep themselves in very good shape. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes adding to their already very Nordic appearance these two could pass for living relics from the mediaeval times. And then there is me. While I do have height on my side that’s about all that I have going for me. At 6’4 I am easily the tallest in my class, maybe in the entire school. Add to that my fairly burly build and dull strait brown hair and brown eyes I have nothing going for me.

Most people who see me with my parents simply assume I am adopted, and I play along with it for the most part just to keep my life simple. At least then I am less of an embarrassment to them when I once again screw up even the simplest tasks. My parents are graceful almost to the point of being dancers even in their daily movements. Me, I have the movements of a bulldozer sliding down an iced slope. And they are both super smart. Before getting married my mother got a bachelor’s degree in history in just three years. And my dad was top of his class in high school and was in the top of his class in college. I struggle to maintain a 3.0 GPA. Not because of lack of effort school just seems to elude me. But all of this being said my life took a very drastic change one morning.

Now I am a fairly inventive person, both in the realms of reality and in fiction. But if you were to tell me that I would wake up one day with a tail attached to my backside one day I would have laughed at you. Yet that is exactly what happened.

It was just another morning. 7am time to get up and go to the grind stone of the week started. I woke up as I did most mornings like a zombie. Slowly shuffling out of my room to my bedroom something seemed off but then again it was Monday morning so I simply attributed the sensation of something dragging behind me to the fact that I was not awake. Climbing into the shower I quickly set the temperature to high.

Steam quickly billowed out of the bathroom I very groggily began to wash. Again I was greeted with the sensation of something behind me. But again I ignored it because well I was still not entirely awake. Grabbing a towel I slowly began to dry off. And that’s when it happened.

It was so simple of a gesture one I and I am sure everyone has done a thousand times.  I had swung the towel around behind my back and was drying downward when suddenly right below my waist exactly where most would say their “tailbone” was there was something there. The towel pushed outwards just a little then I felt something press against my butt and leg.

It was a damp wet clinging sensation similar to pressing a soaking wet towel to you. Not sure what I was feeling I very innocently turned my head to try and look behind my back. At first I didn’t see anything. Then I saw it. A steel grey tail, but it didn’t really look like a tail at first. The dark charcoal grey spots running up it along with its dripping wet condition made it look like a strange blanket that had been rolled up behind me. Slowly turning to the bathroom mirror against the far wall I looked over my shoulder.

You would expect a 16 nearly 17 year old guy of my stature would not scream like a 5 year old school girl, yet somehow that’s exactly what I did. Jumping strait up in sheer terror and reaching behind me to grab the base of the new appendage only acted to increase the volume of my scream when I discovered this new limb was incredibly sensitive. Spinning wildly as though I could dislodge the tail if I only spun fast enough I only managed to crash into the bathroom counter.

The next thing I know both of my parents are crashing into my bedroom. My mother was wild eyed holding a frying pan and my dad was wielding a baseball bat like it was a sword. Now to add to my panic I am completely embarrassed as I was standing naked in my bathroom in front of my parents.

My new appendage quickly ended tucked up between my legs providing at least some level of decency for the situation as I scrambled for a towel. Apparently my parents had not seen the tail or even processed what I was doing as they both came barging into the bedroom.

“What in the world is going on?! Why did you scream?” My mother chimed in finally as they realized there was nothing in the bathroom that would make me scream.

I was still in shock about the fact that I had a tail so I didn’t really respond until my father came over and grabbed my shoulders and shook me gently. Suddenly my world snapped back into focus as I realized he had been talking the entire time. “… Son what is going on?” he said, the worry scrolled across his face.

Slowly with shaky hands I reached back and gently as possible grabbed the base of the tail. Pulling it up and over the back of the tail and around my side.  Holding the tail in my hand it became all too real. My parents however seemed to think this was now some kind of elaborate joke. Without a word my mother gave a loud huff then grabbed the tail firmly in her hand and YANKED.

Two things became apparent to everyone at that instant. Number one, The tail was most definitely real and very much attached to my backside. And number two, it was beyond words sensitive. I can tell you it was sensitive because I screamed and kicked purely out of reflex trying to make her let go.

Both of my parents stood there in complete shock as my new tail quickly coiled up around my legs like a wounded snake. Their faces went white as sheets as they both just stood there staring at the tail. Slowly they seemed to come back to their senses as my father walked around behind me to see where the tail attached to my spine.

I felt the touch of his fingers right above the base of my tail. The sensation made the fur of the tail raise up like a cats. “How” was all he could say as he walked back around to look at me.

All I could do was shrug. “I just umm woke up and there it was.” I said softly. Reaching over and grabbing another towel I began to slowly dry off the tail. Soon enough the fur on it was puffed out and at least for the most part dry, though it did still remain slightly damp from the fact that the fur was so dense. While drying the tail I really began to get a sense of just how long and large this thing was.

While the solid bone and muscle of the tail wasn’t any thicker than a person’s wrist even at the thickest part, the fur was long and puffy making it look like it was as big around as a woman’s leg. Beyond its overall girth the tail was extremely long. Easily four feet in length it was long enough that even when I was standing it had to curl upwards into a J shape just to keep from dragging the ground.

Then there was the color of it. Now that it was dry the pattern of the fur was very striking looking. The overall color was a light grey similar to the color of concrete, while the spots where a deep dark grey that was the color of iron. Running down the middle of the tail was the same dark grey color in an arrow strait line that flared out about six inches from the tip covering the entire end of the tail except for the very end which had a white puff of color. The underside of the tail was also a near eye smarting shade of white running from the base all the way to the tip of the tail.

With a bit of nervous experimentation, I quickly discovered that I could at least to some degree control the tails movements. It was a very odd sensation to say the least. Like learning you can twist your arm a certain way you never could before. But as soon as I stopped focusing on moving it the tail would simply droop back down to a natural resting J shape where it would occasionally twitch or sway one way or the other.

Now by this point I should mention that my parents are just standing across from me with their jaws hanging to the floor. They both seemed to be in a state of shock as I was spinning around and playing with the tail trying to discover what all I could do with it. Finally, my dad seemed to come to his senses a little.

“Ok, I need to call in to the university and tell them I won’t be there. Laura get ahold of Dr. Thompson and see if we can’t get in to see him immediately. We need to see what we can do about getting rid of this….” He said gesturing to my tail.

As soon as he mentioned removing the tail my entire body went ridged. Yes, this thing was weird and different but somehow it felt like my dad was talking about chopping off my arm and that it was no big deal at all. “No” I said standing stock still with the exception of my tail which was now puffed up to twice its normal size and lashing about angrily.

“This is not up for discussion Ragnar.” My father said with a short snap that would normally mean the end of any argument that we were having.

This snap only seemed to fuel whatever new fire was burning inside me. I was normally very quick to follow anything my father had said I needed to do but not this time. “I’m not doing it. And if you try to force me I will run away faster than you can think.”

Both of my parents halted in their tracks. My dad seemed to be floating somewhere between rage and shock that I had defied him. My mother looked between us with worry on her face sensing the rising tension between the two of us. “John, sweetheart let’s just wait until we talk to the doctor. After all was it not tradition for the gods to reward mortals with great gifts. Even if at first they did not understand why?”

My father gave pause at this point. He seemed to be mulling over what my mother had just said until finally he lifted his hands up slowly, “Fine we will wait. But if the doctor says it needs to come off then mister you are getting that tail chopped off and there won’t be any discussion. Understand?”

My whole body was on edge but I managed to slowly nod my head. The tail seemed to finally relax too as it rested down back into its normal position though the fur stayed puffed up for several long minutes after. Before too long I was getting dressed and discovered a new problem. Since my tail was mounted at the base of my tailbone area when I went to put on my pants there was a whole new appendage in the way. Calling my mom into the room I turned around and let her inspect the problem herself.

This was her first time seeing the tail so close and it was obvious she wasn’t sure what to do. Eventually after trying to just look and not touch it she gently lifted up the base of the tail as gingerly as she could. The action still made my toes curl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up but for her sake I didn’t make a sound or even try to move. Eventually she stood up and walked out the room without a word. A short time later she came back bearing a pair of scissors.

Kneeling down she grabbed the back of my pants and with two quick snips she cut a large V into the back of the pants. This allowed my tail to slide into a more comfortable position and my pants to sit high enough. “thanks mom” I said with a sigh. She nodded shortly then walked out the door.

A short few minutes later we where all loading up into the family SUV. My parents had forced me to don this massive and very long trench coat that hung almost all the way to the ground. It kept my tail hidden but man was it hot. A short drive in my dads crappy old jeep Cherokee to the doctors office and a very nervous stay in the waiting room where no one else was and we were back in the doctors office.

So here I sit now, sprawled out on an examining table with the overhead lights buzzing. The doctor is picking himself up off the floor after he fainted from seeing my new appendage and my parents sitting in silent anticipation and shock still.

So much for having a regular senior year of high school

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Aurora groaned as she rolled over in the narrow hospital cot with a groan. Her entire body ached like she had been run over by a truck. But then considering the beating she had just taken she was surprised that she could feel much of anything. Hearing the soft creak of the hospital room door.

She smiled seeing Red walk in until she saw his face. He always had a sort of angry grizzled look though that was mostly due to the scars on his face. But now his eyes that normally gleamed with an almost childlike delight was dark with anger. Walking over silently his long red leather coat made the only sound in the room other than the soft breathing of the two of them.

“You are an absolute and total fool.” Red snarled, his voice deep and authoritative.

Aurora winced slightly at the bite in his voice. “I was trying to protect my family.” She said weakly trying to sit up.

Red growled loudly the sound echoing in the small room. “You where childish and stupid and if I hadn’t shown up when I had you would have been killed.”  Glaring down at her Aurora for the first time felt the full force of Reds authority. “On top of that your little stunt got four others killed. Did I not express very clearly that you where to not engage Gato or the group he was in?!” His voice taking an even darker turn as he stood over her.

“What was I suppose to do Red? They had my kids hostage, was I suppose to just sit back and wait for you to decide to show up?” Aurora’s own voice was starting to get a very aggravated tone. “You wanted to wait and for what? Gato to just change his mind and let them go?”

“You cost lives due to your impatience! You risked dozens of lives, got others killed and nearly got killed. What part of that sounds like a plan to you!” Red snarled pacing away to the wall then slowly came back after several long moments. Glaring down at her his voice cold as ice and completely emotionless. “Once you recover you will take your children and yourself and go to Grand Junction. You will not leave there until I have given you express orders that you can return.”

Aurora pinned her ears back as she forced herself to sit upright. “Im not some soldier you can order around Red. I will do what I want when I want and you can’t stop me.”

Red stared at her for a fraction of a second then in a blur grabbed Aurora by both shoulders and slammed her back into the bed making Aurora gasp as the air rushed out of her lungs. “You want to die pointlessly?! You want to end up like Sarah! Your head cut off on a spike in the middle of a battle field! You want to die and leave your kits with no one to look after them?! And for what! Your death will do nothing to help anyone, you will save no one and your children will have to bury what’s left of you.” Red stared down at her his Amber eyes burning with fury. “No, you will leave or I’ll break every bone in your body and make you leave.”

Aurora looked up at him her whole body began shaking. The rage in his voice and the fury on his face was something unseen by her in the entire time she had known him. She looked away as hot tears began to form in her eyes. Red slowly released her shoulders. “Your train leaves at dawn. I expect you to be there.” His voice lifeless and flat.

Aurora quivered as Red snorted then stormed out slamming the door behind him with a resounding bang. In the silence of the room Aurora was left alone to her thoughts as everything slowly sank in. Others had died because of her choices and she had nearly left her own kits without a mother. She had been beaten within an inch of her life and had only been saved by shear dumb luck. Hot tears flowed down her face. Before long she was sobbing uncontrollably, how had she been so stupid to think she could do what she tried to.

She wasn’t sure how long she laid there but some time later she heard the creak of the door again. Aurora didn’t open her eyes but even then she knew the soft tapping of Sigurds shoes on the hard floor. He didn’t say anything for a very long time as he adjusted her IV and checked a few  monitors before he finally spoke. “Aurora, I know this all seems bad but it will get better.”

Aurora snorted as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Sigurd. “Better? I got people killed, I was nearly killed. I risked so much because I wouldn’t wait.” Her voice quivering as she looked up at him. “I screwed up on so many levels Sigurd. How can things possibly get better?”

Sigurd sighed as he sat down on the edge of her bed. Lacing his fingers together he looked down at the floor then up at her. “I just know. And don’t worry about Red. He is just scared, it’s how he copes. He gets angry and tries to put you down so that you don’t do it again. And I’m sure seeing you in your condition brings back so many bad memories of the last war, of Sarah’s death and everything that came after.”

Aurora frowned and wouldn’t meet his eye. “Why does he keep comparing me to Sarah? I’m not her yet he and everyone else keeps saying I am. Why? I don’t want to be Sarah I don’t want to be the hell cat. I just want to be me. I want to raise my kits I want them to be happy and healthy and free from all this.” She said gesturing to her bandaged body.

Sigurd sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “I must be honest with you now. You’re looks, your….abilities are my fault.”

Aurora looked up at Sigurd with a raised brow. What are you talking about? My change was random chance. You said so yourself, you gave me the injection to save my life nothing more.”

Sigurd rubbed his temples and shook his head. “That’s not entirely true. Yes I changed you to save your life, but it was no accident how you turned out.” Aurora started to speak but Sigurd cut her off. “Please let me explain fully. I know you will hate me but you deserve to know.”

“About five years ago Gato came to Vail. He wanted to recruit me to create his army. See Gato has held a grudge against the others since the end of WWIII. He had returned to Central America to free his people from the drug Lord’s that ran it. But he was too heavily outnumbered and out gunned. So he came to the others wanting their help to overthrow the government. In accordance with the oath they all took to help one another in times of hardship. But the others didn’t want another fight. They had no reason to fight, they had just finished a long bloody war and the last thing anyone wanted was more blood. But Gato he took it as an insult to the oath they had taken.”

Sigurd slowly stood up and began pacing. “Gato swore he would have revenge. For the longest time though nothing ever happened. Then out of the blue he shows up. I tried talking him out of a fight but the group was divided and weak. Of the original five only Gato, Red, and Ghost where left. Ghost is a great man and an excellent fighter but he isn’t a brawler like Gato or Red. And Red he was so detached from everything. If Gato wanted to fight and take over the kanaima all he had to do was push. I saw this problem five years ago.”

“So I set out and made a plan. It was a long shot but I had to make Red care again. So it was simple. When the opportunity arose I would create a new Sarah. Someone who not only looked like her but acted like her. Who had her tenacity for justice and her fierce loyalty to family. For years I looked and looked to no avail. Then you came along.”

“Now please understand I didn’t set out with the intent of changing you by force. But when you where injured and dying I saw my opportunity and I took it. I made you to be a copy of Sarah. And then it happened, you fell for Red and he for you. You brought him back you made him care.”

Aurora sat there her jaw hanging open slightly. Slowly she felt the anger rise up from the depths of her gut. “You mean to tell me you turned me into a freak of nature amongst freak of nature’s just to bring back a dusty old war veteran?!” her voice becoming shrill and enraged. “Im like this because you descided my life was worth sacrificing so he would care! How dare you!” she swiped out at Sigurd her claws out.

Sigurd staggered backwards as Aurora tumbled out of the bed. “All I ever wanted was a life of my own! To live my life as I chose. And now I find out everything I have been through every fight every broken bone was because you wanted your friend to care! Fuck you!”

Aurora snarled as she staggered slowly up to her feet clenching the side of her bed. “Get out.”

Sigurd raised his hands. “Aurora please let me explain.”

Aurora hurled one of the computer monitors at him. The large screen just missed him and shattered against the far wall. “GET OUT!” She screamed.

Sigurd scrambled out of the room as Aurora sank down to the floor sobbing uncontrollably until she sank into a fitful pain induced sleep.
Blood Oath A glimpse into the future
A small cut scene into the future of Blood Oath. For those following the story I am working on it still but I am having a hard time typing all this out on my cellphone.


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