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Blood Oath Chapter 13
Aurora rolled over looking at the clock as the red numbers glared 4:35 AM at her. She gave a loud groan as she rolled onto her back. There was no way she was going to be going back to sleep. With a huff she got out of bed and moved around starting to get dressed. Until she saw a black vest hanging from the door with a note attached. ‘Miss Aurora I do apologize for the short notice but we will be having a short press conference before you leave. Wear the attached clothing and be ready by 8am.’
Aurora groaned as she grabbed the vest. On the front right chest was a shield of Wynnar. All across the chest and back was ornate silver stitching standing out against the black material. A pair of black leather pants accompanied the outfit. Sliding the vest on Aurora grumbled to herself as she fastened the buttons up the front.
Adjusting it a little she finished getting dressed walking out into the hallway. The entire place was silent as she padded softly down the hallway, her soft so
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Blood Oath chapter 12
Two months. Two brooding infuriating months. Aurora had known it was going to take time for the Senate to come to a consensus on what they wanted done but really?! Since her first visit to the Senate they had only been invited back one time. And that one time had been an absolute disaster.
Amongst the many other qualms many of the senators had about opening up trade with the Kanaima Aurora and Red had finally delivered the requirements of the Grand Council that made up the leaders of the Kanaima race.
The main spur of everything seemed to be the release of all the Kanaima held in what was simply called ‘the camp'. The camp was a compound deep in the Florida Everglades far away from most all human life. In it held all the Kanaima that had been caught crossing the border illegally. Aurora had heard mention of it from Gerhard a long time ago but had never given it much thought until it had come up in the negotiations.
Supposedly it housed many dangerous Kanaima who had attacked and
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The Magic of Magic Chapter 5
Roarke woke to the screeching of the alarm clock next to his bed. Reaching over he slapped the button with one paw. He had been with the white knights for three months now and they had been nonstop drilling him. From day one he had been pumbled in every way possible.
Even though he had not seen his father from the time he had stormed out from Roarkes initial test he felt the ever present invisible force of his grip. The first week had been spent in the fighting ring. If he ever thought he could fight before he was now sure he didn’t know. And had it not been for Erebos stepping in and saving him in more than one instance from the powerful blows of other magical creatures.
In the weeks after he rotated most all of his time between studying different magical creatures and gaining strength and endurance through fighting and training of all kinds. His handler Samuel had seen to it that he had virtually no free time since his arrival.
On the plus side he had managed to somehow gain fr
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Blood Oath Chapter 11
Aurora rolled over basking in the warm morning light filtering through the window. Her entire body ached as she stretched out on the bed. Images of what went on last night slowly came back to her and all she could do was smile. Looking around she realized Red was nowhere to be found. Sighing she shook her head.
Climbing out of bed she slowly shuffled over to the door before she realized her shirt was still in tatters on the bed.  Looking around she growled softly before sticking her head out of the door and looking down the hallway. Listening she didn’t hear and see anyone. Darting across the hall she ducked into her room shutting the door behind her.
Sighing softly she slid down the door rubbing the back of her head. “Ummm Aurora.” Auroras head shot up as she looked to see Frost sitting on the edge of her bed. Aurora felt her face turn ten different shades of red as she jumped up.
“What the hell” she finally managed to spit out as she scurried around
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Blood Oath Chapter 10 part 2 :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0
Blood Oath Ch 10
Frost dove forwards as her stomach betrayed her once again. Hurling every speck of food she had eaten that morning just like she had done for three days in a row. Aurora sighed as she grabbed a wet rag and held it out for Frost after she had finished vomiting.
Red stood in the doorway and sighed. “Not to make light of your current condition Frost but we have to meet with the Senate today. We have put it off for nearly a week now.”
Aurora grunted and crossed her arms looking at Red. “She is sick Red she can’t help it.”
Red held up his hands “I know I know but if we don’t do something then the Senate will refuse to see us just to prove a point.”
Frost coughed gently. “You two go. I will stay here till we can figure out what’s wrong with me.”
A chuckle came from the bedroom as all three of them turned to see Dr. Saint with a medical bag and the president at his side. “I would venture to say my dear that you have a bad
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The Magic of Magic Chapter 4
Roarke blinked as he looked around trying to figure out where he was. It was completely dark with no light anywhere. Then he appeared, from the shadows Erebos strode forwards with a devilish grin on his face. Roarke growled taking a step back. “What did you do?!” He snarled his entire body trembling.
Erebos raised a brow as he stopped a few short feet from Roarke sitting down. “Me? I didn’t do anything but unleash the full capabilities of your powers.”
Roarke shook his head with another loud snarl. “I would never kill those people! You used me! You ripped them apart and killed my sister!” he lunged forwards snapping at Erebos only for his teeth to click in thin air.
Erebos was now at his side with his grin spreading wider. “I only removed your self control. You wanted them to hurt you wanted them to suffer. As for your sister you warned her. You didn’t even lay a finger on her.”
Roarke shook his head looking away. “I wou
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The Magic of Magic Chapter 3 :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0
Blood Oath Chapter 9
Frost was sitting in the SUV with a completely blank stare on her face. Aurora had insisted and then bared her fangs demanding they left. Much to Dr Saints protest the president had conceded. Now pulling back to the presidential house Aurora lead a still shell shocked Frost to the room.
Sighing she looked around trying to find a way to distract the distraught fox. Finally she pulled out the black hard case that contained the phone and video system. Looking over at Frost she smiled. “Would you like to talk to the others? I’m sure they want to know what’s happened since we arrived.”
Frost scooted over latching onto Aurora and nodded slowly. Aurora smiled and kissed the top of Frosts head. “It will be OK I promise. I will make sure you and your baby are safe.” Turning back she flipped the screen of the monitor on and pressed the call button. The phone gave several long chimes before a soft click came up.
Suddenly the screen blinked and all Aurora and Fr
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Blood Oath Ch 8
Aurora was sitting on the back of ambulance with a very nervous looking medic applying a blood pressure cuff to her arm. Capital security had arrived about five minutes after the fighting had ended. Red had emerged from the rubble of the floor having apparently gone through the floor and halfway through the next floor, yet had only minor scratches. Frost was having her arm put in a sling since the creature that Red had identified as a phantom, had dislocated Frosts shoulder.
The medic set down his stethoscope and unfastened the cuff on auroras arm. “ your blood pressure and heart rate are still extremely high” he said digging through a medical bag.
Aurora grunted pulling her arm away. “My heart rate is somewhere around 150 right?” the medic stopped and nodded slowly. “yeah that’s normal. If my heart rate where under 100 I would be in trouble.” The medic slowly sat down the needle from his bag with a curious look on his face. “I study medi
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The Magic of Magic Ch 2
“So let me get this strait. You two where out at the river and these…. Lights appeared. And after touching one you..” the police chief said pointing to Kindle “apparently can’t be burned by fire and you…” the chief said looking at Roarke. “OK you I don’t have a rebuttal for.”
Roarke smirked as he sat in a chair across from the police chief. The station seemed a little more hectic than normal to Roarke, though he didn’t spend much time around cops. “Yes sir. Now can we go now? I mean this is all obviously no one’s fault.” Roarke smirked.
Kindle sat silently as the chief went through the folder on his desk one more time. Looking up at Roarke then Kindle he set his hands up on the desk. “And you expect me to believe all this? A gas leak, really that’s the best you got?”
Roarke bristled a little and leaned forwards staring at the police chief. “Yes I do. I realize this is a very stra
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The Magic of Magic
Roarke sighed as he adjusted his backpack before slowly taking a step up the polished concrete steps into the chemistry building. Strolling down the hall amongst the throng of people Roarke had to admit if only to himself that being tall in a crowd could be handy.
Standing at a lofty 6’5 it was hard to miss Roarke in a crowd. Add in to that his physical stature of a former football player with broad shoulders and massive hands he looked more like a bouncer than a student. His short  wavy dark brown hair and warm blue green eyes always seemed to counteract his stature though. That and his warm open smile and willingness to tell a quick home made him at least on the surface a popular person.
Throwing his bag down in a chair he huffed softly looking around with a grunt until suddenly someone was diving into the seat where his backpack was. Just as he was about to object to someone nearly squashing his brand new laptop he saw the shoulder length blue hair of his best friend.
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Blood Oath Ch 7 :icontitansaint:TitanSaint 0 0
Blood Oath Chapter 6
The morning came all too early for Aurora. She woke up to the sound of someone knocking on her door. Sitting up slowly she groaned “I’m up” she said looking over at Ziggy and Annabelle curled up next to each other.
Aurora climbed out of bed as quiet as possible and slowly began getting dressed. Pulling on her vest and pants on she also snapped on a small camp knife Sorin had made for her. Adding on her armband and her necklace she took a deep breath looking at herself in the mirror.
She still saw the same scared girl that had walked into a hospital begging for a job. Closing her eyes she rubbed her temples. Hearing a soft rustling she turned to see Ziggy looking up at her blurry eyed. Leaning down Aurora picked her up and nuzzled her gently. “you be good for me OK?”
“Come home safe momma” she said as Annabelle began stirring.
“I won’t be gone long sugar I swear.” Picking up the kit she held her close for several long seconds a
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Blood Oath Ch 5
It was a day before Aurora and the others where due to leave for the capital and the strain of everything was starting to show on Aurora.
Red had proven to be a slave driver of a teacher. What had started out with Aurora showing up at dawn had progressed into 3 am training lessons that often left Aurora gasping for air covered in bruises and scratches. On the plus side her body had never looked better. Constant fighting with Red and all the crazy drills he decided to pull out of thin air. Her balancing problems and stepping on her tail had pretty well been fixed by now.
Being a sheriff had proven to be quite easy though. Ever since she had nearly sent Gerhard through a wall everyone had decided picking a fight with an arc angel wasn’t a good idea. Except one really drunk little fennec fox. He had hit Aurora as hard as he could and she honestly hadn’t even moved. The fox however broke his hand trying to hurt her. That had pretty well sealed her fate as a unbeatable fighter.
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Blood oath Chapter 4
Aurora woke early to the warm sunlight shining through her window. She stretched and purred a little in the warmth of the sun's rays. Looking down at her side Ziggy was still fast asleep against her side. Aurora gently kissed her head before sliding out of bed slowly.
Moving around she slid on a pair of her new pants. She was still trying to get use to the extra button she had to snap over the top of her tail to keep her jeans from sliding down. Grabbing her favorite dark green vest she slid it on slowly buttoning it up. On the corner of her dressed sat a shiny brass badge.
Clipping it on she took a deep breath. A week had gone by since she had finally come out of the hospital and if she had thought her first day as a Kanaima was crazy it only got wilder as the week progressed.
It had started out fairly mild. The traders had chosen Red to represent them in the capital. Aurora had thought it made perfect sense. The big mountain lion was well liked and respected. Then Aurora found out vi
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Aurora rolled over looking at the clock as the red numbers glared 4:35 AM at her. She gave a loud groan as she rolled onto her back. There was no way she was going to be going back to sleep. With a huff she got out of bed and moved around starting to get dressed. Until she saw a black vest hanging from the door with a note attached. ‘Miss Aurora I do apologize for the short notice but we will be having a short press conference before you leave. Wear the attached clothing and be ready by 8am.’

Aurora groaned as she grabbed the vest. On the front right chest was a shield of Wynnar. All across the chest and back was ornate silver stitching standing out against the black material. A pair of black leather pants accompanied the outfit. Sliding the vest on Aurora grumbled to herself as she fastened the buttons up the front.

Adjusting it a little she finished getting dressed walking out into the hallway. The entire place was silent as she padded softly down the hallway, her soft soled pads barely made any sound against the carpet. Entering one of the small reading books she sat down heavily picking up a book. Thumbing through it she didn’t read so much as just scanned the pages idly.

Two hours and three books later Aurora finally heard Red grunt down the hallway as he stirred. Getting up she walked down to his room opening the door. Red was still half asleep sitting on the edge of his bed. Looking up at her he huffed seeing her outfit. “You better be the coffee fairy bringing me my daily drug” he smiled half lidded.

Aurora smiled as she walked over sitting down next to him. “Sorry I’m not. Seems the president wants a press conference before we leave.” Red groaned as he looked at the clock. Leaning over he rested his head on her shoulder. “So what will you do when we get back?”

He shrugged sitting back up and slowly moving around. “Ill have to go see the council pretty well as soon as we land. After that I’m really not sure. May oversee the new city, may go back to traveling.”

Aurora bit her lip as she nodded. “But you won’t be staying in Vail will you?”

Red smirked as he pulled a pair of pants on. “No, that just isn’t my stick ya know. I like to be out and about.”

Looking down Aurora nodded slowly. “I understand. I’d live to explore but I have so many obligations now. I have the kits and Sorin waiting on me. And while I’m sure they would go if I asked I know Sorin at the very least wouldn’t be thrilled.”

Red smirked and nodded. “Well here is my two cents. Do what you want. Ziggy will follow you anywhere and you know that. Annabelle and the boys I don’t see leaving but I get the feeling Gerhard and the others have a solid hold on them. As for Sorin well what does your heart say?”

Aurora sighed shaking her head. “I don’t know. I love Sorin with all my heart but my feet won’t stop itching with the want to see more. I know that sounds terrible but it’s true.”

Red smiled and reached over gently rubbing her shoulder. “Youll make the right choice for you. I know you will. Besides if you ever get bored with Sorin I’m always available.”

“get in line” she smirked shoving him gently. Red chuckled as he got around getting dressed.  “So red I need some real advice.” She looked up at him worried.

Stopping where he was red nodded sitting down next to her. “Go ahead.” He smiled

“Its about us. Well what we did. I know you said that Kanaima are different than people on the issue but I’m still worried.”

Red nodded as he shrugged. “Personally I don’t know Sorin well enough to advise you. But honesty is always best. Yes we did it one time and given the chance I’d do it again. But that being said I know how you feel about Sorin. Give it a day or two after we land, get your feet under you and see if you even want to stay with him first off. If you do tell him the truth, it was spontaneous and only once. If he is like most from our race he won’t think twice about it and it’ll be dismissed without much conversation. If not we’ll just take it in stride like you’ve always done.”

Aurora nodded as she sighed heavily. “Ok ok I see your point. I guess I need to get around and get breakfast. Will you go wake Frost for me?” Red nodded as he stood up finishing getting dressed.

Aurora walked out of the room just in time to see one of the manor valets taking her bags out if the room and walking outside. Shaking her head she walked down to the kitchen grabbing a breakfast that was already waiting for her. After finishing her meal she sighed and looked at a clock on the wall. Groaning she made her way slowly to the front lobby.

The president was already standing waiting on her. He smiled as he pulled on his jacket and nodded. “This will be brief just a notice to the public of what’s going on before rumor gets the better of everyone.” He smiled and nudged her arm “don’t worry I will do most of the talking you just have to stand there. Maybe answer a few simple questions.”

Aurora nodded slowly as they walked forwards together. Even inside Aurora could hear the dull murmur if people shuffling around outside. As the doors swung open she was a little surprised by the sheer number of cameras. And of course as soon as she was in view the cameras where going crazy with flashes and the sounds of shutters clicking.

The president raised his hands as the cameras slowed down in their clicking. Stepping up to the podium that was full of microphones the president took on a very formal and official tone. “I have called this press conference today…” Aurora quickly turned him out as she looked out across the sea of reporters.

Most where standing huddled around the middle if the stage but a few stood back with their cameras pointed at her. She gave them a distant vacant stare like she was looking down at an ant. Looking back at the president he motioned her over. “Now I will open up the floor for miss Aurora Winters, the chief negotiator for the Kanaima.”

Aurora strode forwards. Gripping the podium she looked down as every set of eyes and cameras where pointed at her. “I would like to thank the Federation for allowing us to come into your beautiful capital and work out a new future for our two countries. I know that many people will be nervous or even frightened at our sudden appearance when they have been told we have been gone for so long. I would like to reassure the population of the Federation, we have nothing but good will for you all.”

“I would also like to thank the members of the senate for their cooperation and a special thank you to Senator Travors for being the man to show us how much the federation is willing to work with us. And finally I would like to give a huge thanks to president Taylor for all he has done as well. Truly we could not have done it without you.” Cameras flashed and news reports all scooted in trying to get as close as humanly possible.

The president walked up and patted her on the shoulder. “While I am sure you all have many questions for our guests those will have to wait for a later date. For now our guests must be heading home.” Gently the president lead Aurora away and back inside the building. Once the doors where shut he started laughing uncontrollably. “My god woman you should be a politician!”

Aurora cocked a brow as she watched him laugh. “I don’t see how I could be.”

The president wiped a year from his eye. “That whole part about Travors was magnificent. He hates Kanaima but with just a few words you made him sound like your biggest supporter all while not denying he was holding everything up. Now he has to swallow that pill for at least another month because the media will want to know everything he did and he will be forced to defend the treaty!”

Aurora smiled shaking her head. Hearing a clattering from down the hall she glanced up seeing Austin and her crew all stumbling around with their gear. Frost had come out of her room just behind them before stopping to help pick up one of the camera bags that had spilled out. Red came up next to Aurora from behind and smirked. “This is gonna be good.” He chuckled

Aurora smacked his arm with a huff. “Red be nice, that was me just a few months ago.”

Sighing he shrugged as the group came in setting the bags down with a dull thud. “Did you bring the kitchen sink?” Red snickered walking around. “I hope you guys aren’t seriously thinking about lugging all this around.”

Austin stepped up a little flushed from carrying so much weight. “Well we will have transportation around the country won’t we?”

That drew a laugh from both Red and Frost. “Besides the maybe 10 railroad tracks that hit the major junctions and the stone pathways in the cities you will be lucky to have a trail at all.” Frost piped up with a smile. “Hell when I was trading I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on anything larger than a foot path.”

“Well what about horses I mean you still ride those don’t you?” Austin looked at them worried.

Red shrugged as he squatted down in front of one of the camera bags. “We do but most people prefer walking. It’s faster and there is less to take care of. You only really see horses out on the farms or along the train routes carrying carts into the towns.” Digging through the bags Red slowly began pulling things out. “Besides you don’t need all this.”

Austin looked to Aurora as it was clear she was becoming flustered already. “Austin breath. Red and Frost know what they are talking about. You’ll be ok. Now take a breath and relax.”

Red snickered as he kept pulling things out. “Where you ever that high strung?” he said looking up at Aurora. “I mean I only meet you after you’d changed and been in Vail for a while.”

“Oh yes she was. Little ball of nerves when I first met her. And God help you if she didn’t get her way.” Frost snickered ducking a half hearted swipe by Aurora. “Oh come on you know it’s true.”

Aurora huffed and shrugged looking at Austin “the trip will change you for sure. Even before I became like this I had toned down my life a lot. Just don’t get in a hurry and take things as they come.”

Red stood up holding out a single bag from the seven that they had originally. “Here that’s all you’ll really need.” One of the guys walked over taking the bag from him as the soft thumping of the helicopters began to approach.

Aurora smiled at Red and Frost as they both looked up. The president clapped his hands then rubbed them together. “Alright everyone the helicopters are almost here, I want to wish you all the very best of luck. God speed and farewell.” He smiled at them as the doors to the front lawn swung in as one of the largest helicopters Aurora had ever seen touched down.

The massive aircraft was so big that the smaller personal helicopter that Aurora recognized as a military rig looked like a toy. As the back ramp of the helicopter opened she Aurora and Frost all walked out together keeping their heads down under the stiff wind coming off the rotors. Climbing up into the open space Aurora was happy to see her bags where there waiting along with several very large crates.

Behind them the door to the back slowly shut as the last of the film crew got inside. Everyone took a seat as the blades spun back up and the helicopter lifted off. “How long do you think it will take to get back?” she asked looking over at Red.

Red shrugged as he got settled in. “In this big hunk ohhh…. Maybe… eleven hours if we don’t have to stop for fuel.” Aurora grunted and nodded as she leaned back in her seat. Gratefully she noticed that Frost was chatting away with Austin while another guy filmed. Laying her head back she huffed before slowly falling asleep to the steady thumping of the helicopter blades.

Waking with a start she looked around confused. Everyone was still in the helicopter but it was almost perfectly silent outside. The dull thumping of the helicopter blades was no longer present. Looking around she noticed Red coming from the cockpit. “ahhh she is finally awake. You know you snore by the way.”

Aurora growled pinning her ears back and sticking her tongue out at him. “Ladies don’t snore thank you. Why is it so quiet all of the sudden?”

“Well you do. We even have it on film. And I asked the pilot to put the helicopter in what’s called stealth mode. We fly a lot slower but the helicopter makes very little noise. You said you wanted to surprise everyone right?”

Aurora nodded as she glanced out the window just in time to see the first mountains. “Ahhh we are back.” She said smiling. Austin and two different guys with cameras came over and started filming. Though it was night time a full moon lit up the world outside like it was day for Aurora.

A short time later she felt the helicopter begin to descend into the trees. As the machine touched down the back opened up to a small clearing. Lifting her nose Aurora caught the smell of pine and fresh mountain air. Giving off an audible groan of relief she slowly walked out and into the shin high grass.

Behind her the others slowly came out. Two of the men helped Red unload their gear leaving the crates since the helicopter was not leaving. Looking around Aurora was stunned when her senses caught the faint scent of Sorin. Looking around more closely she realized they had landed in the clearing outside of town where Sorin would go to train.

Beaming she ran over and picked Frost up spinning her around. “We’re back!!!” she laughed before taking off across the field jumping and sliding around like a kit. Red chuckled as Frost joined her and the film crew recorded it all. Finally Aurora came back over nearly bouncing. “Come on let’s go I wanna see my kids!”

Austins jaw hit the floor as she looked at Aurora “youre a mother?” she asked bewildered.

Aurora snickered “Long story, they aren’t biologically mine. I will tell you that story another time” She shouldered her pack and Frosts as she was nearly bouncing again. Much to her annoyance the group seemed to move far too slow for her liking, but never the less a few short minutes later they where on the edge of town.

Aurora got a strange sense of déjà vu as she looked around. Street lights lit up the paths as the dull hum of traders going here and there winding down for the day filled the air. Smiling as they came out between two buildings at the edge of the square she glanced over at Sorins forge. All the lights where off but the faint glow of embers from the forge still remained. On the other side of the square Kathie’s Café was also closed but the smell of coffee lingered in the air.

Smiling Aurora motioned the group onwards. Up the hill they trudged to the inn. Flicking her ears around Aurora could hear Gerhard and Sorin along with an unfamiliar female voice chatting away noisily. Mixed in she heard the clatter if plates and Annabelle talking to guests. Looking back at the others she smiled ear to ear. “Here goes.”

Swinging the heavy wooden door inwards all the sights smells and sounds hit her all at once. The smell of fresh food mixed with the scents of all the Kanaima. People’s chatting coming to a sudden stop. Looking at the bar Aurora smiled seeing Sorin and Gerhard on either side of the bar chatting away. Sorin seemed frozen in place but the same could not be said for Annabelle.

With a loud crashing of plates being dropped Aurora found herself being full force tackled by a grey furred missile. Wrapping the kit up Aurora lifted her off the ground spinning her around. Before she could even complete a full revolution she found a much larger set of arms wrapped around her.

Burying her nose into his fur Aurora inhaled the scent of coal mixed with pine that was Sorin. Freeing one arm from Annabelle she wrapped it around his neck as she found herself choking back tears. Sorin was putting in stereo in her ear trembling slightly.

Their moment only ended when a loud “FROST” came booming from outside. Turning Aurora peaked one eye out just in time to see Blake run over and embrace her. Aurora couldn’t help but smile seeing both of them crying. Then all at once Aurora heard the thundering of three more sets of feet.

Looking up just in time Aurora found herself being jumped by two more balls of fuzz. She smiled seeing the boys and ruffling each of them on the head. Looking around there was one she was missing. She finally spotted the blue and amber eyes of Ziggy staring back at her from behind the bar. What she did not expect was when Ziggy ducked down and walked away.

Before she could follow Aurora found herself surrounded by others. Gerhard along with several other members of the city crowded in all wanting to say hello and congratulate her on a safe return. After several minutes if slowly ducking and weaving around she managed to get to the edge of the group. This was only really accomplished after Blake had announced rather loudly that he was going to be a dad causing the whole crowd to shift their way.

The whole time Annabelle had been clinging to her side, Aurora sat her down on a bar stool smiling as she straitened the kits messy hair.  “Whats wrong with Ziggy?” she asked as she wiped some of the tears away from belles face.

Shrugging Annabelle sighed looking behind the bar. “I think she is just scared. She was really worried you weren’t coming back.”

Aurora nodded and smiled kissing Annabelle on the head. “Welk I am back. Now I know you want to spend time with me and we will but right now I need to check on your sister. And we need rooms for everyone.” Annabelle smiled and nodded hopping down and grabbing the keys. Aurora smiled and walked around behind the bar and into the private residence.

Once she was in the back she could tell things where going better. The rooms where neat and organized but not to the point to where she thought Kathy was doing it. Looking around she quickly found Ziggy’s hiding spot amongst a pile of towels waiting to be folded. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw Ziggy’s tail poking out from the towels as it twitched.

Aurora made a conscious effort to pace around the room making some noise before walking back out. Once outside she ducked down and slowly inched back to the door quiet as a mouse. From the stack of clothing she heard the rustling if material as Ziggy poked her head out and looked around. Almost looking smug Ziggy climbed out if the towels and brushed out her fur that was standing up turning her back to the door.

Aurora swooped in with a flash and scooped Ziggy up “gotcha!” she snickered as the kit gave a loud squeek of surprise.  Aurora was more than a little surprised though when she felt the needle sharp claws of Ziggy dig into her arm. Reflexively dropping the kit she shook her arm with a soft hiss. “Oww”

Looking up at Ziggy Aurora paused. The kit was equal parts rage and terrified. Aurora slowly crouched down getting on her knees as she looked at Ziggy. “Baby come here.” She said opening her arms up. Ziggy stayed still for long enough Aurora wondered if she was going to move.

Then the tears started flowing as Ziggy ran into her arms sobbing hysterically. “You left me! You swore you wouldn’t be gone long!” the small kit was holding to Aurora so tight it was a miracle she didn’t hurt herself.

“Shhhhh I know baby. I am so sorry.” Aurora blinked back hot tears as she held Ziggy tightly rocking her back and forth.

Ziggy looked up at Aurora with a face of pure determination “never leave me again.” Her face melting from determined to scared again as her bottom lip quivered.

Aurora smiled and nodded slowly as she nuzzled her kit. Ziggy looked up at her and licked Aurora’s cheek purring loudly. Aurora in turn licked her back completely covering the side of Ziggy’s face in slobber. Both of them laughed and tousled about for a minute before Annabelle came in. “I got you guys in rooms one through five but Sorin wants you to come to his place.”

Aurora smiled and looked down at Ziggy before shouting out. “Sorin you can keep it in your pants for one more night!” outside she heard people erupt in laughter. Shaking her head Aurora smiled taking the girls under her arms and holding them tightly. And all at once it hit her. This was her home and this was her family. All she could do was throw her head back and laugh then cry as she held her daughters tightly. She knew she would never give this feeling up for the world.
Two months. Two brooding infuriating months. Aurora had known it was going to take time for the Senate to come to a consensus on what they wanted done but really?! Since her first visit to the Senate they had only been invited back one time. And that one time had been an absolute disaster.

Amongst the many other qualms many of the senators had about opening up trade with the Kanaima Aurora and Red had finally delivered the requirements of the Grand Council that made up the leaders of the Kanaima race.

The main spur of everything seemed to be the release of all the Kanaima held in what was simply called ‘the camp'. The camp was a compound deep in the Florida Everglades far away from most all human life. In it held all the Kanaima that had been caught crossing the border illegally. Aurora had heard mention of it from Gerhard a long time ago but had never given it much thought until it had come up in the negotiations.

Supposedly it housed many dangerous Kanaima who had attacked and or killed federal agents during raids on the black market trading areas. Red had seemed rather adamant that the camp be shut down. This of course had set off a fire storm of arguments back and forth amongst the various members of the Senate ending in them being asked to leave and only return when invited.

During this time the president seemed to be rather irate about the whole situation more than once being seen or heard in the manor cussing and fuming about the stubborn old men as he called them. He had tried to comfort Aurora over the situation saying that it was a matter that would quickly be resolved in just a few days.

That had been two months ago. Aurora had spent her free time mostly in the manor or on the grounds surrounding it. She and Red had found a large open gym area and would often be found sparring back and forth with one another. At one time a few of the federal security had asked to join in. Aurora had been surprised at their speed and strength, and while no match for her or Red they would be more than a match for the average Kanaima. The president had chuckled when she questioned him on it telling her they where a new generation of security team similar to a Kanaima but minus the fur and fangs.

Aurora and Red had both been surprised at this revelation but soon dismissed it. Besides the sparring Aurora had gone through hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammunition both from her new found handgun and her new favorite toy. A specially modified M21 rifle it was a lot lighter and shorter than her Barret but packed a special 35 caliber round that worked at both close range and supposedly could reach almost as far as the massive 50.

All this though was only a mild distraction from the mounting frustration bordering on anger she was developing. This was compounded ten fold every time she called back home to check on everyone. Life it seemed was moving well back in Vail. According to Gerhard the town had been nearly completely restored. That was little comfort to her though especially when Ziggy would get on the phone. More and more the young kit would start crying every time they talked, she wanted Aurora back and Aurora couldn’t blame her.

In her absence she realized just how much she had gotten use to Ziggy always being near her. And seeing the young kit crying only deepend the longing she felt to be back home. The last call she had made ended with Ziggy begging her to just come home and only ended when Kathy had come in dragging the kit away.

Aurora had cried long and hard over that as she truly felt guilty for it taking so long. Sorin had come to her rescue and comforted her the best he could over the phone. It had not done much other than remind Aurora that she missed him as well.

But none of that paled in comparison to Frost. The fox was verging on a nervous breakdown almost daily. Her stomach had slowly started to grow more and more as the time progressed leaving a daily reminder to Aurora that time was not on their side. Blake had been of no help as he was stressing just as much as Frost over not being there, Aurora had tried reassuring him but that only made him more agitated.

Finally as Aurora rolled out of bed to the chiming of the alarm she had had enough. Grabbing her black outfit she got dressed heading out into the hall. Red was already outside in the lobby reading as he often did when he saw her marching by. Standing up quickly he grabbed her by the arm as she made her way to the exit. “What are you doing?” he said in a very serious tone.

She snapped her arm away from him her green eyes burning with her rage coming out in full force. “Im putting an end to this. It’s been two months and I am not waiting another two while these men bicker about some trial bullshit that doesn’t matter!”

Red slowly shut his book as he glared down at her. “You won’t be going anywhere miss Aurora. You are not going to blow this all up because you are being impatient.”

Aurora lifted her head challengingly as she stared back. “Im doing this red and you can’t stop me.”

Red cocked a brow tightening his grip on her arm. “You aren’t going and the only way you are going is if you can beat me.”

Aurora looked down at his hand then up at him. “Fine” she said relaxing. Red nodded and slowly loosened his grip. Aurora spun in a flash punching him square in the face with all her strength. With a satisfying crunch Red went flying back slamming into the far wall.

Slowly standing Red snarled wiping his nose as a little blood trickled out. “So be it.” He said coldly. Without another word he lunged forwards full force.

Taking a side step backwards Aurora managed to just barely avoid the powerful swing just missing the end of her nose. Before she had any time to recover Red was crouched down and lunging at her. Reflexively she brought her knee up hard only to be met with air. Red was now almost close enough for his shoulder to touch her as he brought his other hand around slamming his fist into her chest.

The blow sent Aurora flying back crashing through a small coffee table shattering it. Rolling backwards with a snarl she sprung up to her feet only for Red to be almost directly under her. Spinning sideways she barely escaped his grip driving her foot up into his gut.

Staggering a little Red didn’t hesitate as he turned quickly using the claws in his feet to stop his motion and launch forwards at her again. This time however Aurora had her feet under her and she jumped up just avoiding him again. With an insane speed Red brought himself to a stop and spun just as she landed.

Aurora caught his shoulder square across her waist as he tackled her to the ground. Grabbing her arms he pinned her down with a savage snarl. Aurora hissed back baring her fangs at him driving her knee up twice into his abdomen making his grip falter. Using her entire upper body Aurora drove her head strait into his nose making him topple over backwards.

Siezing the moment Aurora lunged forwards jumping on him and locking her jaw around his throat. Red punched her hard in the face but she did not release her grip. Tightening her fangs around his neck she gave a loud snarl tasting blood in her mouth.

Red froze and finally went limp against her. His chest heaving up and down. Aurora held her grip for several seconds longer until she was satisfied that he was no longer going to continue to fight. Slowly releasing her grip she stood up slowly looking down on him spitting “fucking stop me now” she snarled baring her fangs.

Red rolled over slowly climbing to his feet as he looked at her grabbing his neck then pulling his hand away. Looking away he took a long slow breath and nodded. “You beat me… fair and square. Do what you want.”

Aurora snorted and nodded finally taking her eyes off of him and looking around. There where no less than twenty men armed to the teeth all of them had their guns trained on the two of them. “Leave them be” came the booming voice of the president as he stepped forwards through the sea of men.

Aurora huffed nodding at him as the men all slowly lowered their weapons. “Thanks” she said shortly rubbing the side of her face.

The president nodded walking over to her. “That my dear was absolutely stunning. I see now why the arc angels where so feared in combat.”

Aurora sighed and nodded turning towards him. “Sir can I have a ride to the Senate. I’m ending all this child’s play.”

The president’s eyes twinkled with delight as he nodded. “Of course, will it just be you going?”

Before Aurora could answer Red was at her side. “No we will all go, frost included. She is right this needs to end.” The president raised a brow as Red lifted a hand. “Kanaima custom the strongest member decides what we do. Up till now that was me, give us a minute to prepare.” Without another word he walked down the hallway to Frosts room.

Aurora sighed as she took a deep breath to steady herself. “I apologize that happened here but something had to give.”

The president chuckled shaking his head. “My dear if our politics where handled in such way this country may be better off. I will go prepare for our arrival.” With that the president bowed slightly and walked off down the hallway.

A few short minutes later Red and Frost where both loading into a SUV while Aurora was asked to ride in a separate vehicle with the president. Climbing in she was a bit apprehensive now about what she was going to do.

“Now the Senate has not been told you are coming. But I want you to show the passion in there that you had in that fight.” The president chuckled as they pulled out of the drive. “If need be I will step in. I do have some power over the Senate and I will use it if need be.”

Aurora nodded as the short drive ended and they all climbed out of their vehicles. Climbing out on to the marble steps Aurora took a deep breath as Red and Frost came up behind her standing on either side with the president pulling up the back. Marching up the stairs Aurora and the others marched in much to the desk clerks dismay. Reaching the double doors Aurora paused for a moment “here goes” she said softly.

Grabbing the two doors she flung them both inwards with a resounding bang. The Senate hall was completely full with a senator standing on the podium speaking. The entire room jumped and instantly went silent as Aurora marched to the front with a new found confidence.

The senator at the podium scurried out of her way as she climbed the stairs to the podium. Before she could even speak senator Travors stood and boomed out “what the hell is this? We are in the middle of a meeting!”

Aurora cut her eyes at him as the anger in her body welled up to the surface. Her chest puffed out as she nearly roared out. “Shut the hell up you pompous old windbag!” This sent the senator ducking down instantly as Aurora grabbed either side of the podium looking out over the crowd.

“In all my years in this Earth it is astounding that such a group of men lead this country. We came here bearing an olive branch to you all to end tensions between our nation’s. We have been patient and understanding but that ends now. Our requests are not difficult to understand nor are they hard to follow through with. The fact that it has taken two months to come to a decision is sickening!” the entire room seemed frozen in fear at the ferocity of her voice.

“So this is how we are going to handle this. I am giving you lot 48 hours from right now to come to a consensus. If one can not be met we will return to our country, only after we have released every Kanaima in the camp. Any attempt to stop us will be nothing short of a declaration of war. And if you do not decide once we have returned our borders will be closed forever more to the federation. Any human caught in our lands will be tried and executed. We are not pawns to be played with. Should you decide to work with us we will send an envoy at a later date to discuss the finer details of our new trade city.”

Staring out at the crowd she gave a pause before continuing. “ we do not want a quarell with the federation but we will not be made to sit and wait upon your whims to try and show your authority. You have no authority over us nor will you ever. We are your equals. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”

All around the room everyone stayed frozen until a senator in the very back of the room stood up. “I vote here and now that the full terms of the trade deal be accepted” around the room the senators slowly began to stand all stating the same thing. Finally senator Travors was the only one left sitting.

Aurora glared at him with icy eyes until he slowly stood. “Very well. By unanimous vote the Senate of the federation agree to the terms of your treaty.” The entire room erupted in a round of applause as Aurora took a deep breath bowing her head down.

Feeling a touch on her arm the president stood at her side smiling. Aurora stepped out of the way as he took the stand. “And from here on out, we shall acknowledge the existence of the Kanaima lands in their entirety. Let us learn from our past so we can make a better future.” The room erupted in a thunderous round of applause.

Watching the crowd Aurora noticed a few of the senators looking less than pleased with what had just transpired. But at that moment Aurora was feeling invincible as she stood next to the president. Finally they both came down off the stage as he shook her hand. “I always knew you’d be the one. Somehow I knew you’d end all of this. We will send an emissary back with you to talk to your council and begin working on the foundations of this new future.”

Aurora took a long ragged breath as she nodded slowly. “Thank you for all your help.” She smiled back at him.

“Oh don’t thank me dear. I owe my life to your kind.” He gestured to the scar on his face. “Kanaima saved my life once upon a time. I hehe had a rather shady past as a smuggler once upon a time. A Roanoke attacked us down on the Rio grande , I’m only here because they saved me. Been trying to pay them back ever since.”

Aurora cocked a brow and nodded with a smile. “Well I’m glad we could return the favor. For now though I would like to head back and start getting packed. I want to return as soon as possible.”

The president chuckled and nodded. “That kit of yours has been missing you hasn’t she?” Aurora smiled and nodded as they all headed to the front lobby amongst cheers and handshakes from several senators along the way.

Finally outside the building Aurora turned to look at Red and Frost. Red was standing there grinning ear to ear as he nodded. “Good job.” He smirked.

“Oh like you planned this.” She snorted

Red shrugged. “Well they weren’t going to listen to me being who I am. But a young woman with a voice like thunder who can simultaneously be both terrifying and inspiring… well that might work.”

Aurora couldn’t help but smile as she punched him in the arm. Turning to Frost she was a little surprised to see the fox fighting back tears. “Its over? We are really going home?” she said starting to tremble.

Aurora wrapped her arms around Frost and chuckled. “Yes but let’s not tell the others I want to surprise them.” Frost beamed and nodded as their vehicles pulled up. Again the president pulled her into his vehicle.

Aurora looked at him confused as he held up a hand. “I wanted to tell you some things in private.” He said as they started moving. “The camp will be cleared, though I do recommend someone of your kind oversee everything. I will also ensure that any held in research are brought to light and returned as well. But I do have one request.”

Aurora raised a brow but nodded slowly “alright I’m listening”

The president softly clapped his hands together. “While I am sure most if not all of your kind will have virtually no interest in exploring our country I have been hounded since the ball to let a research team in and explore your lands. If you recall a certain red headed woman named Topaz from the ball.” Aurora nodded slowly leaning forwards. “She and a few others would very much like to see your country.”

Aurora sat back and pondered for a moment then nodded. “I don’t see it being much of a problem really. When we get back I can speak to a few of the traders, maybe a couple of the locals see if I can’t get someone to guide then around.”

The president raised a brow curiously as he looked her over. “you mean to say that you will not be joining them? I thought you would leap at the opportunity.”

Aurora smiled and shook her head as she glanced out the window. “Had you asked me that three months ago I may have had a different answer. But I have people who love me waiting for me back in Vail and I simply can’t not be with them.”

He chuckled as the vehicle pulled to a stop in front of the manor. “Any suggestions on gear for the group?”

Aurora snorted and gave a quick nod. “Yeah tell them to pack light. And whoever you got our cloths from last time, don’t use them again. In fact if they want I know a very good tailor in Vail who can make them all outfits that can withstand pretty well anything. Besides that, small traceable items are always a plus and a quick easy way to make friends.”

The president nodded as he grinned ear to ear clapping his hands together. “I will inform them immediately” he said giddy as a school kid as he trotted off towards the far side of the manor.

Aurora smiled shaking her head. Walking up the steps she gave a soft sigh looking at the building “last day” she said to herself going through the double doors. Once inside she was surprised to see that Frost and Red had already beaten them there.

Frost came flying over and jumping on Aurora causing her to stagger backwards a bit. Frost had her arms locked around Auroras neck trembling. “Thank you Aurora.” She said squeezing harder.

Aurora smiled and gently rubbed Frosts back as she kept a tight hold on her neck. “Ok ok shhhh calm down. It’s all over now, we are leaving first thing in the morning.”

Red smirked and nodded as he walked around patting Aurora’s shoulder. “Im proud of you. I knew you could do it even if the council didn’t.”

Aurora raised a brow as she walked down the hallway carrying frost in her arms like a kit. “Oh so the council never wanted me to come huh?”

Red shrugged as they walked into one of the lobby areas and Aurora gently sat down with Frost on the couch as red took one of the wing backed chairs. “Honestly no. They where quite put out over the whole situation with you and the camera crew to begin with. Then there was the attack and Rachel contacting the president afterwards. Then culminating with you being asked to represent us in a treaty was a major slap in the face to them.”

Aurora nodded as she looked down at Frost who had passed out in her lap. Smiling she shook her head. “So how do you play into all of this? And on an entirely different note they are sending another camera crew. I kinda already said yes.”

Red snickered as he leaned back. “Well they won’t care about the crew now with all their demands being met. As for me, well let’s just say I carry a lot of weight with the council. That’s why I came along. The whole asking the traders thing was a bit of a ruse.”

Aurora huffed as she gently slid Frost over on to the couch next to her. “Is anything you do ever direct? You know what never mind I don’t even wanna know. We got the job done and that’s all that matters.”

Red grinned and nodded as he took a deep breath before getting up with a grunt. “Is the phone in your room?” Aurora nodded looking up confused. “Im going to call the council in Grand Junction and let them know what happened. Hopefully we can just go strait back to Vail then. Otherwise it’ll be an extra day spent fooling around with those old farts.”

Aurora smiled and nodded. “Im gonna start getting packed and make sure all of our travel plans are set. If I have any time left over I might go get in a last round of brass burning before we leave.”

Red nodded with a smile as he vanished down the hallway. Aurora took a deep breath and looked down at Frost who was still passed out. Shaking her head Aurora stood up before gently scooping the fox up and carrying her into her bedroom and laying her on the bed.

The rest of Auroras day flew by in a blur. Packing all but her favorite outfit and a few minor essentials. She had agreed that they would leave around 10 am after speaking with the president. Though somewhat to her surprised they where having slightly different travel plans this time.

Apparently Austin or Topaz as Aurora knew her had been sitting on a hair trigger waiting for them to say she could go. She and an entire crew where ready before Red had even gotten off the phone with the council.

The council itself seemed more than happy according to Red. And while they wished she would come to Grand Junction first Red had convinced them to give her a few days to get settled back in with her family before shuffling her off again. That had all been well and fine with Aurora until red had informed her she was going to have to speak publicly when they got to the city.

Frost had been so emotionally drained from the stress if the trip she had slept most of the afternoon away. Aurora truly felt sorry for her since she had tried so hard to stay silent about her own problems during all of this. Aurora was going to have to have to find a way to repay her for her patience when they got back.

Red on the other hand had spent most of the afternoon behind closed doors with the president. And while it didn’t bother her, Aurora’s curiosity was driving her insane. When they had finally emerged Red had only grinned at her not letting any information slip. And before Aurora could question him further the president had announced they where all going to dine together in the main hall. Aurora had groaned thinking she would have to dress nice again. Thankfully the president had said otherwise.

Waking frost not long before dinner Aurora helped her get dressed and cleaned up. Heading down together they entered the main dining hall to a dozen others already seated and waiting. Quickly Aurora moved around to the only two open spots. One was next to red and the other was almost at the head of the table at the presidents right hand.

Aurora had groaned knowing which seat was hers. Sitting Frost down she made her way around to the head of the table sitting next to the president. As soon as she was seated he stood up holding out a wine glass. “I propose a toast. To our wonderful guests who have shown grace and dignity far above measure time and again.” Everyone raised their glasses taking a drink.

Aurora smiled until Red chimed in “even if we did break a few pieces of furniture along the way” Everyone chuckled except Aurora who glared down the table at him. Red simply shrugged with a grin.

As the dinner was slowly being brought out the president patted his hands gently on the table getting everyone’s attention. “Apologies where are my manners. Aurora, Frost, Red, these people surrounding you have been some of your biggest supports both on the Senate floor and behind closed doors.” He gestured down the table. “You already know miss Austin, next to her are Jason, Samuel, Terry, Brooke and Roseanne.” Each one waved at her as the president called their names. “They are the crew venturing out with you all tomorrow.”

Aurora dipped her head to each. They all looked like people who spent a lot of time outdoors, tanned skin and lean bodies she hoped they could keep up with the traders. “Then on my left here we have senators Blane, Johnson, Ernest and Samson. Then way down there at the end is my lovely wife Eleanore.”

Aurora nodded to each as a huge plate was set in front of her. “Mr Red here informed me you all eat mostly wild game. I hope you enjoy the venison steaks.”

Aurora smirked since the president had pretty well gotten them anything they wanted from day one. “I want to thank you again for your generosity sir” she said cutting off a hunk of the steak before chomping down. “I am not sure we could have survived on fast food for two months”

The president chuckled nodding as one of the film crew leaned forwards “so what are the lands like exactly? Because of the media and history blackout we know essentially nothing.”

Aurora smiled as she took another big bite. “Imagine forests so thick from the air it’s just a sea of green. Grey stone mountains jutting up between valleys as far as the eye can see. Snow covered peaks lead down to streams of crystal clear water. The smell of pine and earth permeate the air. All around are the sounds of wildlife. Vail is the only town I’ve ever been to but is a paradise. Stone lined streets are lit by LED lights and gas lanterns. The streets are filled with the soft bustle of craftsmen at work amongst buildings of stone and wood…” she trailed off looking up seeing everyone transfixed on her every word.

Austin beamed and nodded “Whats the food like?” she asked taking a bite of her own steak.

Red smirked as he leaned back in his chair chiming in. “The food is all very simple. We hunt and fish for everything. The wildlife is numerous enough and our population is low enough that is all we need. Some places out on the plains have cattle and pigs but those are more of a delicacy. There is some farming as well but not anything huge. There are maybe five or six farms total that are larger than a hundred acres.”

The president chuckled “please let our guests eat. You will all get to see it soon enough. Oh and miss Aurora. Since you are officially an emissary between our countries I will be leaving the helicopter with you.  This way you have a fast reliable way back to us should we ever need you.” Aurora nodded with a bitter sweet smile as she was beginning to loose count if her rising responsibilities.

“I am also sending some supplies with you. A gift so to speak for your help in the negotiations. You may do with them as you see fit.” The president finished as he took a bite of his food.

Roseanne looked across at Aurora and smiled. “If you don’t mind my asking how old are you? I don’t mean to sound rude but it is very hard to judge your age”

Aurora froze mid bite and slowly sat her food down as Red started grinning wider and wider motioning her to answer. “I ummm I’m 18. I’ll be 19 in a few months.” Everyone stopped as they all turned to look at her then at the president as he raised his hands smiling. “You must understand though amongst Kanaima a 15 year old is considered an adult.” She added quickly looking down.

Frost finally chimed in as she looked around. “She is right you know. I’m only 17 and my mate is just 16. To us it’s normal. A person in Auroras position and at her age is not that uncommon. We base things around a person’s actions not a number”

Red chuckled and cleared his throat. “And miss Aurora here has been through more in 3 months as a Kanaima than most go through in their entire lives. Even I respect what she says and I’m almost 90” one of the senators choked on his food at that as he looked up at Red. Red snickered leaning back in his chair. “I am a veteran of two wars and countless scuffles and I can tell you all, that woman right there.” He pointed to Aurora “Is worth her weight a thousand times over”

Aurora looked away as she felt herself blushing as she tried to bury herself in her food. The rest of the dinner went by slowly but in a calm tranquility that Aurora was all to grateful for. As the dinner finally came to a close everyone sat back and relaxed.

Finally the president stood “well I want to wish all of you the best of luck. The helicopters will depart at 10am from the front lawn. Until then I wish you all a good night.” Everyone nodded as they all slowly got up. Aurora helped Frost to her room before slowly making her way to her own room.

Sighing she flopped down on the bed. Rolling over she looked up at the ceiling. And after a few hours of tossing and turning she slowly drifted off into a restless sleep.
Blood Oath chapter 12
Ok guys sorry it took so long to get this chapter up. Chapter 13 will be hot on its heels however. Also to anyone reading my second story "Magic of Magic I hate to say I am postponing it until blood oath is finished. Until then enjoy the story.
Roarke woke to the screeching of the alarm clock next to his bed. Reaching over he slapped the button with one paw. He had been with the white knights for three months now and they had been nonstop drilling him. From day one he had been pumbled in every way possible.

Even though he had not seen his father from the time he had stormed out from Roarkes initial test he felt the ever present invisible force of his grip. The first week had been spent in the fighting ring. If he ever thought he could fight before he was now sure he didn’t know. And had it not been for Erebos stepping in and saving him in more than one instance from the powerful blows of other magical creatures.

In the weeks after he rotated most all of his time between studying different magical creatures and gaining strength and endurance through fighting and training of all kinds. His handler Samuel had seen to it that he had virtually no free time since his arrival.

On the plus side he had managed to somehow gain friends among the other magical creatures that were like him. Among them where twin elementals River and Spark, then there was the towering 8ft cyclops Henry and finally there was Tory a witch who made it a habit of flirting with Roarke. They all had been training partners for the most part. River and Tory lived separately in the women’s barracks while Henry, Sparks and Roarke all lived on the men’s side.

All Roarke had left was a final round of testing to prove he was ready to go out and start hunting down other magical creatures. Rolling out of his bunk Roarke slowly made his bed using nothing but his teeth to fold and set his bed. Over the past few months he had learned that the knights would make no special regards for his physical condition. Which had honestly helped him learn to work his body that much better.

Scratching at his control collar he huffed softly walking around and out into the main training area. “Juuuuudaaaaas!” the female voice came flying in from above. Jumping to the side just in time as Tory slammed into the cushioned side walls of the gym.

Roarke huffed as he walked over as the young witch slowly fell over backwards with a groan. The enchanted carpet she flew in on crumpling into a heap on the floor. “How many times have I told you not to call me that?” he asked standing over Tory.

The crimson haired witch giggled and shrugged. “Hey if I don’t call you that I get in trouble.” She rolled over and kissed the end of his nose. “Good luck today.” She smiled slowly standing and ruffling the fur between his ears.

Roarke huffed and nodded. “Thanks Tory” he said as the both walked down to the dining hall. Sitting down at his table along with Tory and Henry , Roarke looked around after sitting his tray down. “where are River and Spark?”

The giant across from him huffed softly. The small mountain of sausage and pancakes in front of him a testimony to how big he was. “They went on mission last night. Got hurt pretty bad, there’s a fire elemental and a dragon running around causing chaos.”

Roarke nodded as he dug into his food eating quickly. “Well I guess I’m off to go handle the test. Wish me luck.” Grabbing the tray in his teeth Roarke sighed to himself as he quickly trotted out of the hall after leaving the tray behind.

Walking down one of the hallways Roarke waited patiently after arriving at Samuels office door. His ears flicked around as he caught the faint sound of voices coming from inside. He knew Samuels voice but the other took him a second to recognize the other voice as his father’s. Though he could not quite make out the words he could tell by each of their tones it was not a fun conversation.

The door next to where he was sitting suddenly kicked open. “I don’t give a damn what you think Samuel you will do this or I will find someone who will.” Out came Roarkes father. Roarke ducked his head trying to shrink into the wall as his father walked by without saying a word.

Walking slowly into the small office Roarke walked around to the front of the desk sitting down silently. Behind the desk was Samuel in his usual all black attire. Samuel ran his hand across his shaven head. “You are not taking your test today.”

Rosrke cocked a brow but ducked his head bowing slightly. “As you say sir.” Looking up he saw the concern on Samuels face. “Sir?”

Samuel looked up and sighed before looking up at the ceiling. “Per order of the elders you are to hunt down a fire elemental that has been giving us a lot of problems. Normally this would be a two team mission but against my will you and I are going it alone.”

Roarke nodded slowly as he got a very uneasy feeling in his gut. “permission to speak freely?” Samuel nodded sighing. “Sir is this really the council’s decision to test me or are they just trying to kill me?”

Samuel sighed and shrugged. “Honestly I’m not sure. For an experienced fighter this wouldn’t be too hard of a mission but you have no real fighting experience outside this facility. I think you will survive but stranger things have happened.”

Erebos nosed into Roarkes consciousness. “He is really worried. We need to be extra careful.” Roarke silently agreed as Samuel reached into his desk pulling out his pistol along with a large utility belt. Each of the handlers had such a belt when they went into the field. All of them contained anything they could possibly need for a fight, silver blades, chalk for making runes and seals along with several herbs and a few other oddball items they may need.

Standing Samuel snapped his fingers as Roarke came over to his side. Looking up at Samuel Roarke smiled weakly. “Well you did say you wanted me in the field didn’t you?” Samuel glared down at Roarke and walked out the door with Roarke hot on his heels.

Roarke and Samuel went through a maze of hallways until they reached the garage area. Roarke always hated coming down here, the smell of gasoline and oil was very strong making his nose go numb from the odor. Walking around they climbed into one of the specially built Tahoe’s. Roarke sat in the back where all the seats had been taken out to accommodate all but the largest of the creatures. The floor was a hard plastic that made a loud scraping sound against his claws any time he moved.

Samuel climbed into the front starting up the SUV with a loud grumble from the engine. Heading out of a hidden drive they emerged in a dense forest with only a thin winding trail just wide enough for the SUV to get through. Roarke looked around with wide eyes, he had not been outside for months and even through the vents he could smell the fresh scent of pines.

They drove for a solid half hour seeing nothing but trees before emerging onto a paved road. They continued driving for another hour before Roarke saw the outline of a large city on the horizon. Samuel reached back handing him a turned on laptop. “Mission details” he said shortly his eyes never leaving the road.

Roarke nodded as he looked through the file. In it contained all the information that they had, which in this case was very little. All it had contained was that the person in question was a fire elemental who had been traced back to a large empty warehouse on the outskirts of the city. A small report of incidents of fires being started in the city with grainy security camera images of the same grey hooded figure in each.

Roarke sighed looking up after reading it over. They where now slowly making their way through the city’s industrial park. Large steel and concrete buildings towered next to the road. After a short time the buildings began to become more and more run down till eventually they turned into hollowed out husks, broken windows with boarded up doors and graffiti littered the area.

Samuel pulled the vehicle to a stop down a narrow alley and shut off the engine. Grabbing his gear and a compact carbine AR he climbed out. Slinging the rifle under his jacket Samuel opened the door for Roarke. “You’re up” he huffed out cocking the gun.

Roarke nodded as he closed his eyes. He had always been good at detecting magic, it lingered in the air like a scent that he could follow. Taking a deep breath Roarke was a little alarmed that he sensed not one but three different magical traces. One he was sure was the fire elemental he was after. The other two however made his hackels rise. Their scents where far stronger, one smelled like earth and grass the other had a strange tingle to it like cinnamon.

Roarke looked up at Samuel. “There are others here.” He said a little concerned. Samuel looked down at him then grabbed a phone from his jacket. Walking a few places away he began talking into the phone in a hushed voice. Something was bothering Roarke, like an itch he couldn’t scratch in the back of his mind. Suddenly the wind shifted and he got a full blast of scents and it clicked what was happening. Running over he rammed his shoulder into Samuel just as a fireball wizzed past where he was standing and exploded against a dumpster down the alley. “Ambush” he breathed out.

Samuel rammed a boarded up door next to them falling through the broken door he rolled inside taking cover behind a pillar looking around frantically. Roarke froze outside as he tried to find the source of the fireball only to be slammed off of his feet from the side. The blow plowed him into the wall of the building knocking the wind out of him.

Before he could fully recover he reflexively ducked at a blur coming at his face. A sharp pain raked across Roarkes muzzle making him yelp in pain. Black tendrils shot out at the assailant resulting in a bellowing roar and a loud crash. Finally regaining his feet Roarke ducked inside the building sliding around by Samuel “dragon” he breathed out.

The searing pain on Roarkes muzzle continued to burn. Blood trickled down into his mouth giving him a metallic taste. Shaking his head blood flew away from his muzzle. Suddenly Samuel spun around unleashing a full barrage of automatic rifle fire. Roarke started to turn to see the second person only to hear the bellowing roar of the dragon behind him.

Turning Roarke brought up a shield as a wall of flames curled around both him and Samuel. Shooting out a tendril again he threw the dragon hard against the far wall with a loud crash. Roarke turned back and caught a blast of heat from a fireball wizzing past his head.

Roarke began to panic as he realized there where two fire elementals now throwing fireballs at him. He froze then got hit hard in the side. The smell of burning fur and flesh filled the air as Roarke went flying across the room. He shuddered coming to a stop against the wall.

Erebos growled inside Roarkes head. ‘move over you are going to get us killed' Roarke felt his own consciousness fade from the front as Erebos took over. With a low rumbling growl Erebos opened his eyes his crimson red eyes scanned the room. He locked onto the two fire elementals vanishing in the shadows.

Coming around to the elementals left he found out the first elemental was a male. Launching his tendrils out like Spears he skewered the first man pinning him against the steel pillar he was hiding behind. With a quick twist Erebos shredded the man showering himself and the area around Erebos in blood.

Turning as another fireball headed his way Erebos smacked it out of the air as he slowly marched towards the other fire elemental with a steady confident stride. The other elemental was wearing all black and a mask over their face. He shot a tendril out stabbing the other elemental to the wall. The person in black didn’t say a word but their eyes burned with a blue tinted flame.

Roarke grinned pressing them harder against the wall. “Any last words?” the elemental glared at him as flames began curling around their body. “Oh now now that’s not very polite.” Erebos twisted the spear embedded in their shoulder gaining him a wince of pain.

Erebos smirked as Samuel walked up slowly holding his left arm which carried a stench of burnt flesh. “Keep this one alive. I want to know how they knew we where coming.” Erebos huffed and nodded. Just as he was about to hold the elemental down there was a loud roar and a sharp pain in his side as he went flying across the building.

Looking up Erebos snarled as the dragon was standing between Erebos and the elemental. Erebos snarled and shot out dozens of tendrils slamming both of them clean through the wall of the building. Running over to the hole he had left Erebos snarled that the other side of the building overlooked a river. He couldn’t detect any trace of magic though.

Samuel walked up slowly still holding his arm with a huff. “They dead?”

Erebos shrugged as he turned looking Samuel over. “As far as I can tell” he huffed. “We need to get you to a doctor and have that arm looked at.”  

Samuel nodded slowly as he slung the rifle he had under his arm. “good job” he said shortly though he never looked at Erebos or made any kind of motion of appreciation other than what he said.

Erebos nodded as they both climbed up into the SUV. Samuel adjusted his mirror for a second with a hiss moving his arm wrong. “So what does it mean when your eyes are red like that?”

Erebos blinked realizing he couldn’t seem to contact Roarke at any way. “well I ummm it’s just what happens when I am put under pressure I guess.”

Samuel nodded starting up the SUV “well you are lying to me but you did your job so I don’t really care at this point. Let’s get going.”

Erebos nodded as he closed his eyes trying to pull Roarke back. But every time he got ahold of Roarkes consciousness he would just shrug Erebos off. Erebos continued until Roarke very violently snapped at him making Erebos shrink back in surprise. Taking a deep breath Erebos returned to the conscious world looking around. For now it seemed that he was on his own.
Aurora rolled over basking in the warm morning light filtering through the window. Her entire body ached as she stretched out on the bed. Images of what went on last night slowly came back to her and all she could do was smile. Looking around she realized Red was nowhere to be found. Sighing she shook her head.

Climbing out of bed she slowly shuffled over to the door before she realized her shirt was still in tatters on the bed.  Looking around she growled softly before sticking her head out of the door and looking down the hallway. Listening she didn’t hear and see anyone. Darting across the hall she ducked into her room shutting the door behind her.

Sighing softly she slid down the door rubbing the back of her head. “Ummm Aurora.” Auroras head shot up as she looked to see Frost sitting on the edge of her bed. Aurora felt her face turn ten different shades of red as she jumped up.

“What the hell” she finally managed to spit out as she scurried around and hid inside the bathroom. Poking her head out from the bathroom. “What are you doing in here?”

Frost snickered and stood up slowly. “Well I was going to ask how last night went but I can see you already answered that one.”

Aurora growled. “Im getting a shower.” She grumbled turning on the water.

Frost walked around into the bathroom leaning against the door frame. “So I take it you and Red finally released that silent tension between the two of you.”

Aurora poked her head out from behind the shower curtain. “Wad it that obvious?”

Frost snickered again and walked over closer to the shower. “Aurora you couldn’t have made it more obvious if you where wearing a sign. But it’s a good thing. Maybe you’ll finally pull that stick out of your butt.”

Aurora shot her head back out of the shower her hair dripping wet. “I do not have a stick up my butt.”

Frost nodded slowly. “You’re right I think Red pulled it out last night.”

Aurora ducked back into the shower as she started scrubbing. “Shut up. Besides I need to focus. Me and Red have to go to the Senate today.”

Frost grumbled. “Apparently he didn’t get the entire stick. Aurora you can’t worry for everyone.”

Aurora stood under the water as she let out a long sigh. “But I do Frost. I have been put in charge of this. I have an entire country expecting me to represent them in a way that is beneficial to everyone. Why can’t anyone remember I’m only 19?!” she slammed her fist against the shower wall cracking a few of the tiles.

Frost jumped at the sound of stone cracking. Slowly walking forwards she pushed back the shower curtain to see Aurora leaning against the wall trembling. “Aurora it’s going to be ok. Everyone believes in you… even if you don’t believe in yourself”

Aurora sighed and shook her head taking a long deep breath. “I guess… I don’t see why or how you all decided to trust me but I trust you to tell me the truth.”

Frost smiled and shrugged “well I trust you but only as far as you can throw me…. And that’s pretty far. I am going downstairs to get some fish and blueberries.”

Aurora rolled her eyes making a gagging motion as Frost snapped one of the towels at her. “Listen thank you Frost.”

Frost rolled her eyes. “You can make it up to me by telling me how good the sex was later.”

Aurora sighed closing the curtain as Frost headed out the door. She stood under the water as the faintest tingle of music lingered through the room. The sound was so faint Aurora thought it had to be her imagination. Shaking her head she quickly got herself clean then headed out into her room with a towel wrapped around her.

Laying on the bed was a full set of clothing and a note written in Reds scrolling cursive writing ‘wear this' laying out was a solid black sleeveless vest with a small green flag on the right chest. The flag Aurora had never seen before. The dark green outside had a white keltic braid encircling the middle with a howling wolf’s head taking up the center. The black pants that went along with the vest where clearly made by someone who knew Kanaima since it actually had a tail slot and buckle.

Aurora slid the clothing on and smiled happily. The clothing was well made and build for her along with the clothing was a thick black leather belt and a holster made for her handgun that strapped to her leg. The clothing wasn’t made to look pretty it was very official looking and formal but it fit. Stepping out into the hallway she nearly ran head long into Red. “Shit!” Aurora said jumping slightly.

Red smirked, he was wearing his long leather crimson duster and a black undershirt with the same flag on the chest. “Good you are ready. We need to get going.”

Aurora nodded smiling a little as they headed down the hallway shoulder to shoulder. Walking through the front door they headed down to a waiting SUV. Climbing in Aurora took a seat as Red got in behind her. “So what are your recommendations for what I should and shouldn’t say?” she looked over at Red as they headed out into the city.

Red sighed looking out the window “Just be on your toes and think before you speak. There are those in the Senate who want this deal to work but there are just as many who don’t. And the ones that don’t will twist every word you say to make you look like the bad guy. Keep your head and don’t try to speak too harshly. Also don’t be surprised if they bring up your past in the worst possible way.”

Aurora nodded silently as she turned her attention to the city outside. Taking a deep breath she tried her best to mentally prepare herself for what she was about to endure. Thinking back to her breakdown that morning made her shudder a little as she felt the SUV begin to slow down.

They pulled up to a building that no surprise to Aurora was over the top verging on gaudy. White marble steps led up to huge marble pillars that where easily fifteen feet across each. The building itself was a towering white marble polished to a shine. High above them was the gold and black federation eagle staring down at any who walked up the steps. The building reminded Aurora of some of the old roman temples that she had seen in books over the years.

The SUV came to a slow even stop as she and Red climbed out. All around where people in neatly pressed suits scurrying about like ants, most with their noses pointed down at phone screens. As Aurora made her way up the stairs she made sure her head was held high taking extra care to walk proud and graceful. She chuckled mentally when she saw several people start running I to each other and the stairs as they stared at the two of them.

Once they where inside Aurora was again greeted by an overly gaudy and polished lobby. The size of a large basketball court the floors in the room where a swirling black and gold color polished to the point of looking like a mirror. All around the room where golden picture frames of generals and leaders of the federation both past and present. To most the room would have been imposing maybe even a touch frightening. But to Aurora it just made her roll her eyes.

Going strait across the lobby Red and Aurora went through a set of heavy wooden double doors and into what almost looked like a theater. The room was fan shaped with a podium in the center. All around the room sat nearly a hundred different men and women who where all quietly talking amongst themselves until Aurora and Red arrived. Walking up to the front Aurora followed Red around to a pair of seats stationed directly next to the podium facing the crowd.

An aging man with snow white hair slowly made his way up and stood at the podium looking out at the others. “Today is the beginning of a moment’s occasion. We are all gathered here today to begin the negotiable between the United Federation and our neighbors to the west, the country of Annwyn. I hope you will all join me in showing your appreciation for these two who have come a very long way to seek peace between our countries.” With that many in the room began applauding softly. The man raised his hand. “I will now open the floor to Mr. Roland Booker.”

Aurora couldn’t help but smile as she saw Red twitch at someone using his real name so lightly. He slowly stood up and made his way around the podium shaking hands with the older man before taking a step up onto the stand. “Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate. Yesterday we recounted my past as a veteran of both the third world war and the Kanaima war.” Aurora grinned a little, hearing red speak with such a commanding authority was strange yet exciting to her. “But today we are not here to discuss the past. Today we are here to solidify the future.”

A man a third of the way back in the crowd stood up. “And how is it that we can trust an animal? You stand there and speak as though you are one of us. But we all know that you gave up your humanity long ago to become a killing machine. Even our most recent studies have found that your kind lack even the basic social structures like a ruling government. So then I ask my fellow senators how can we know they would uphold a treaty when they have no government to enforce it?”

A soft murmur spread throughout the room as Red visibly took a breath to calm himself. “Senator Travis. First of all I would like to point out we do have a ruling class. And while they are not so prominent and hands on as your Senate we do have laws that are enforced. Secondly I would like to see this supposed research saying we are of a lower intelligence. By all means if it is so well documented you should have no problem procuring the information.”

The senator grinned walking down the isle holding up a binder. “ This folder contains a two hundred page report written by doctor Tiberius Saint. A man as we all know is on the forefront of the study of Kanaima. Listen to this entry here.” He flipped the book open to a page with a tab sticking out. “Today we suffered a major setback. As without warning one Kanaima numbered 275 attacked and killed a researching assistant. The Kanaima then went on to attack the assistant director of the lab before he was shot and killed.”

Snapping the binder shut the senator sneered up at Red. “Attacking without provocation is a Hallmark of a less developed species. And let’s not forget the research team sent out by the good doctor some months later to explore the Kanaima lands and document their lives. Each and every one of them has never been heard from since. “

Aurora nearly flew out of her seat as she got up. Red looked a little puzzled as she marched around coming almost nose to nose with the senator. “You are lying senator Travis.” She said with a rumbling voice.

The senator took a step back suddenly looking very nervous to be so close to her. “I do not lie. Read the report yourself.” He held the binder out to Aurora.

Aurora scowled and turned away from him focusing in the crowd. “The attack that senator Travis just described happened on January 18th of last year. The lab assistant who was killed was Jasmine Torrin. And the Kanaima who killed her was known as Big John.”

A man in the middle of the room stood up slowly. “Young lady are you saying you knew about this event?”

Aurora took a deep breath and looked up at red smiling down at her and nodding. “Yes, I was fully aware of the event. Mainly due to the fact that I was present that day. My name is Aurora Winters, former lab director of Westguard lab number eight. I was the one who killed John and I was the one who lead the expedition into Annwyn almost four months ago. And everyone of my party members is still alive except Sam who shot me.”

The room went completely silent as senator Travis stood there gawking. “and what… what umm proof do you have you are in fact Aurora Winters and not some hoax? After all Miss Winters is human.”

Aurora sighed shaking her head. “I was made into a Kanaima by Sigurd in a last ditch effort to save my life after I was shot. As for proof I don’t know what you want me to tell you besides the fact I wrote 95% of the reports in that binder. But we have not come here today to discuss me or where I came from. We came here to seek a level and fair trading grounds that our two countries may live in harmony.”

Senator Travis shook his head as he made his way back up to his seat. “You see senators they don’t care about proving if their statements are true or not. Only that you believe them. I expect nothing less from such animals.”

Aurora started to bristle before a senator stood up. “And all you care about is money Travis. If you stood to make a profit you wouldn’t have anything to say.”

This caused the whole room to erupt in fevered argument. Red sighed and slowly got down of the pedestal walking around to his seat. “Come on and sit down Aurora they will be at this for a while.”

Aurora huffed and sat back watching and listening to the men and women go back and forth across the room after what seemed like a short time there was a loud bell chime that echoed through the room. Everyone slowly quieted down and began filtering out of the room. “uhh red what’s going on?”

Red looked up at the people leaving. “4pm the day is over for them.”

“Wait wait so just like that they stop arguing and just go their merry way. What about getting all this stuff resolved?”

Red shrugged as he slowly stood up. “Aurora politicians don’t move or act like we do. They will take their time. This whole process will probably take at least a month maybe two.”. Walking down the isles they headed out the double doors they came through.

“Great I always wanted to sit around and wait on others to do their job.” Aurora fumed as Red chuckled and they both climbed into the waiting SUV outside. “ So now what.”

“Dunno. Tomorrow they may call us in they may not. In the mean time we wait and just be patient. If we rush this many will turn the bill down just to spite us.”

Huffing she climbed into the SUV and slid over to make room for him. “So what in the mean time we whittle?”

Red smirked and shrugged. “We have full access to the presidential manor. At the very least we have a weight room and gym to work out in. A gun range to work on shooting and I’m sure there is an open space for us to practice in. Stop worrying.”

Crossing her arms Aurora huffed. “I don’t like waiting on others like this. Puts a major kink in my tail.”

Red snickered and leaned over kissing her cheek. “Then I will pin you down and yank that kink if yours right out.”

Aurora slapped his chest and smirked. “Youd like that too much. Plus I have no desire to have kittens just yet.”

Red chuckled and shook his head. “Once again I’m reminded how little you actually know about our kind.” Aurora raised a brow, red smiled and raised one finger. “Kanaima aren’t like humans. Women don’t have….cycles like humans do. With a human being it happens what every 4 weeks roughly. Well with Kanaima it’s something like every 6 months. With some species it’s only once a year.”

Aurora gaped a little at the thought. No periods for six months at a time maybe even a year?! Oh she loved this new body of hers more and more. “So umm how do females know when they are about to ya know start?”

Red rubbed the inside corners of his eyes and sighed. “Im not entirely sure. That’s a question that is maybe better directed to Frost. I just know because of Sarah, she would always be in the mood so to speak for about a week or two. And I don’t mean like you where last night. I mean aggressive and totally insatiable.” He chuckled staring off into the distance. “More than once I felt like I couldn’t even walk by the end of the third or fourth day.”

Aurora blushed a little and nodded. “what was she like?” red looked back down at her raising a brow. “Sarah, you talk about her all the time but you never really give specifics. What was she like? Did you know her before she was a Kanaima? Details man details.”

Red smiled as they pulled in to the manor. Walking inside Aurora found Frost passed out on the bed with the video phone laid out in front of her. Smiling she slowly shut the door walking up behind Red. Following him into a room full of musical instruments Aurora was a bit stunned. Any instrument you could imagine was in the large room. The walls where covered in sound absorbing materials while instruments sat on special stands. A large polished grand piano sat in the middle of the room.

Red walked around sitting in a tall padded winged back chair. “Oh where to begin with Sarah. Yes I knew her before she was a Kanaima, at least for a short while. She had auburn hair and emerald green eyes, drop dead gorgeous body…” he trailed off seeming to get lost in the memory. “She had fair skin even if she had been in the sun for days. And freckles… she hated them so much said they made her look childish. She never was afraid of me like most where even as a human she was never afraid to grab me by the ear and get in my face.”

Looking around the room he smiled. “she loved music, loved to sing too. She taught me how to play several instruments over the years. She always wanted to be helpful even if she had no reason to. I remember this one mission, here we are in the middle of the rain forest with artillery coming down on her heads. And she just stops. Right there in the middle of a war zone to grab a stray cat caught in the cross fire. Ah Zero was so pissed but she didn’t care.”

Aurora sat down in a chair across from Red and smiled listening. “What instruments did she teach you to play?”

Red smiled and shrugged. “Several though only one still sticks.” Reaching over he grabbed a violin off the wall. “And I only remember a handful of songs.” Slowly dragging the bow across the strings Red began playing a song.

It took Aurora a few notes but she finally recognized the song. She couldn’t help herself. Closing her eyes she hummed the song softly to herself. Before long she had broken out into fully singing the chorus, her eyes closed as she turned out the world.

“…well Baby I've been here before
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew you
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah…..”

Even as the music slowly faded away Aurora finished the song keeping the rhythm in her head. As she opened her eyes she was amazed to see not just Red but Frost and nearly a dozen staff members all piled in front of the open music room door.

Frost bounced forwards and wrapped Aurora up in a tight hug. “That was incredible! Where did you learn to sing like that? And better question, why the hell haven’t you ever sang for me before?”

Aurora turned bright crimson under her fur. “I haven’t sang since my mother died… she… it was kind of our thing.” Aurora looked away feeling the strong hands of Red on her shoulders.

Smiling weakly Aurora looked up at him. “You don’t have to sing anymore. But just know your mother would be proud of your singing. And I don’t think she would want you to hide such an amazing gift. But that’s just my opinion.”

Frost nodded in agreement as the staff all said she was a great singer. Aurora shook her head leaning back against Red. “Ok enough dwadling over me I am headed down to the gym.”

Aurora slowly made her way out of the room. God her life just kept getting more and more unraveled by the day. Everything she thought was being brought into question. All she knew for certain was that she had a long struggle ahead and good friends behind her.

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This is a notice to all my readers. This second half of the chapter will contain sexual material. It is not vital to the story if you choose not to read it. However this is all cannon. To those who continue to read I hope you like it.

Aurora rolled over with a groan waking up from a very pleasant dream. Looking over at the clock made her growl softly as the clocks green numbers read 12:15AM. Looking around she tried to figure out what exactly had woken her up. There was nothing in the room and her ears swiveled around catching any and every sound getting nothing.

Then she heard it. A faint growling groan coming from her far bedroom wall. The same wall she shared with Red. Slowly getting up out of bed in the pitch black Aurora walked around and slid on an oversized t-shirt that barely came down to mid thigh on her.

Walking forwards silent as a shadow she slowly opened the door between her room and his. In the faint glow of the moon light Aurora looked around the room making sure there wasn’t anyone else there. Red rolled in his sleep letting out a soft whimper and curling into a ball. Mumbling incoherently to himself Red began to toss and turn in his sleep making the same faint growling whine that had woken Aurora.

Stepping over to his side Aurora gently placed a hand on his shoulder when he laid flat on his back. “Shhhhhh” she whispered out. With a jolt Red shot strait up grabbing Auroras arm wrenching her over onto the bed and pinning her down. Growling loudly he held one hand up above his head with his claws unsheathed. Freezing he saw Aurora looking up at him not with fear but concern all over her face.

Red slowly relaxed as he released her immediately and lowered his hand. “I….” he started to speak until Aurora put one finger over the tip of his muzzle and shook her head with a smile. Slowly sitting up she cupped the side of his face with one hand and stroked his cheek. Red took a long ragged breath before slowly relaxing against her hand.

“Its Ok it was just a bad dream.” Aurora said softly as she eased around and wrapped him up in a hug. Red nearly collapsed into her arms as he trembled a little.

“Sorry Aurora sometimes I just have flashbacks when I sleep and…” he was cut off again by a finger and Auroras soft green eyes reflecting knowing exactly what he meant. Burying her face in his chest she purred softly making Red grumble softly but start to relax.

“I can stay here if it helps.” She whispered up at him. Nodding he slowly laid back down, Aurora pulled back the covers and smiled sliding in to bed next to him. In the faint light of the city filtering in through the window Aurora had a good up close look at Red for the first time without a shirt on.

He had scars she knew. Three that ran along his muzzle diagonally and another on his left cheek but those where fairly faint even for her sharp eyes. But his chest and arms where a completely different story. The most prominent scar was four long gouges running from his right shoulder down to his hip. Another spot on his left side looked like someone had tried to take a chunk out of him. And there where several strange C shaped scars on his side’s and shoulders.

Aurora slowly traced along each one slowly studying the dips and curves of each line across his body. She was mildly surprised to find he was fairly heavily muscled under his fur. The slight bulge of muscle making some of the scars twist in odd ways. “I didn’t realize there where so many.”

Red smiled and shrugged as he placed one hand on her hip. “It happens when you fight in two wars against real life monsters.” He trailed his fingers across her stomach where the slight crater like indentions still remained from her being shot. “What happened here?”

Aurora raised a brow surprised he hadn’t heard the story. “One of the men that came to Vail with us turned out to be a traitor. When the town was attacked he tried to kill Ziggy and the other kids. I got between him and them. My price was six shots to the stomach and being dead for about 5 minutes. Sigurd changed me to save my life.”

Red nodded as he slowly played with the fur on her stomach. “Do you regret it? Becoming one of us I mean.”

Aurora giggled and shook her head. “I wouldn’t trade this life for ten thousand years any other way. Yes there are things I am still confused about and trying to understand but I really can’t complain.”

Red raised an eyebrow as he gently ran the tip of one finger along her side. “Well what are some things you are confused about maybe I can help.”

Aurora sighed and shook her head. “Its kind of embarrassing honestly.”

Red snickered and shook his head “my dear I trained Kanaima when we didn’t know what we where. There is nothing you can tell me that will be surprising.”

Biting her lip Aurora nodded slowly as she looked down. “Well here lately I’ve been…. Needy it’s like a crazy itch I can’t scratch. I don’t know what it is or what will help but something in the back of my mind is trying to drive me to do stuff I don’t normally do.”

Red cocked a brow and leaned a little closer. “stuff like what? Murder and mayhem or run till you can’t breathe? You gotta be more specific.”

Aurora closed her eyes taking a deep breath before leaning forwards and locking her lips with his. Red froze for a split second before wrapping her up in his arms and kissing her back with the same level of fevered heat. Finally Aurora broke the kiss and drew back a little breathing slightly heavier. “Crap like that. I want it and more of it but I don’t know why or how.”

Red grinned a little and nodded “ Well what you are going through is easy enough. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Aurora looked down and shook her head. “How is that? My body feels like it’s burning up and there is nothing I can do to solve it.”

Red nodded slowly. “I get it. You are a virgin and a Kanaima on top of it. So let me explain, Kanaima we…. We run on our instincts much more than humans. That means both emotionally and physically. All that’s happened is your body has finally caught up to the changes and your instincts are wanting you to find a mate.”

Aurora glared at him. “You are making that up. How can I want something I’ve never had.”

Red smirked and placed a hand on her hip. “simple really. It’s like being thirsty, your body knows what it wants even if you don’t.”

Auroras brow furrowed as she shook her head. “I still don’t believe it.” Even as she shifted around so reds hand rested more solidly on her hip. Placing a hand on his chest she huffed. “Besides I kinda… ya know made a vow to be with Sorin.”

Red smirked and tilted her head up slowly. “First rule of Kanaima mates. No one is committed to anyone beyond basic agreements. Especially if you don’t have children it’s not uncommon at all for any Kanaima to have three or four mates in a year’s time. So take it from someone who has been around a very long time I would do nothing if I thought it would negatively effect your life later on.”

Aurora nodded slowly as she mulled over what he said. Looking back at Red she traced one of the faint scars running horizontal across his chest. Looking up at his warm amber eyes Aurora felt her self control slowly wain under the confident reassuring smile of Red. Leaning in she slowly kissed him gently.

Red gave a soft purr as he returned the kiss slowly pressing closer. Aurora hesitated for a minute before slowly melding into the kiss more and more. Her heart began to pound in her ears like she was running a marathon. Placing one hand on Reds chest she scooted closer till they where almost touching.

Red put one hand in the small of her back drawing her closer still. Lifting one leg she let him slide one leg between hers. Her breath catching when he stopped kissing her lips and began kissing down her neck. Arching her back a little she turned her head exposing more of her neck for him.

Pushing her over onto her back Red smiled down at her. With one of his legs between hers and having a hand on either side of her head he leaned down kissing her deeply again. Aurora hesitated less now as she kissed him back wrapping her arms around him and slowly scratching down his back earning her a soft growl.

Aurora snickered as Red ran a hand slowly up under her shirt making her shiver. He grinned as Aurora arched her back more the higher his hand went. Pulling his hand back out Aurora gave a soft whimper in protest until he took one clawed hand and in one quick jerking motion ripped her shirt in half.

Aurora yelped as the action made her jump but it also made her heart race faster as she squirmed under him. “That was my favorite shirt.” She growled out.

Red smirked and shrugged tossing the tattered rags to the side. “You liked it.” He said sliding around so he was now between her legs.

Aurora bit her lip and looked away. “shut up” she grumbled.

Kissing her jaw then down her neck Red snickered softly “very well.” He kissed down her body between her breasts making her shudder again. Getting down to her waist line Aurora panicked a little clenching her legs around his shoulders. “trust me” he said slowly spreading her legs back apart.

Aurora propped her self up a little watching him but relaxing as he said. At least she did relax until she felt the warm and slightly rough texture of his tongue between her legs. Tensing up Aurora clenched her legs around Reds head tightly causing him to growl.

Grabbing her legs with either hand he forced them back apart as his tongue went back out again finding the sensitive nub between her lips. As soon as his tongue brushed against it Aurora felt herself go cross eyed as she fell back on the bed with a soft lustful moan.

Panting softly aurora felt herself starting to fall back into a warm almost trance like state. Her body started to kick itself up into gear. Rocking her hips with Reds tongue she ran her fingers through his hair. She wanted more and that scared her but at the same time excited her.

“Red… I… I need more.” She breathed out as her hips bucked up to his tongue flicking against her nub.

“Not until you get some release first.” He smirked as she felt one of his fingers swirl around and then slowly push inside her.

Aurora gasped and moaned loudly as she gripped the sheets mentally trying to make sure not to claw the bed. Her whole body was tingling like she had electricity racing through her body. Finally she reached down and grabbed a handful of Reds hair and yanked his head up. “Stop playing with me and give what I need.”

Red grinned and slowly climbed up her body. Reaching down Aurora grabbed the boxers Red had on and tore them off with her claws. Red glared as he grabbed her arms pinning them above her head. “That was my only pair of underwear.”

Aurora smirked and shrugged. “You don’t need ‘em “

Red growled and grabbed her hips and yanked Aurora down to him making her squeek and giggle. Looking down Aurora bit her lip and glanced back up at Red. “Be gentle…” she smiled weakly.

Red grinned as the tip of his shaft pressed against her. “No promises.” He slowly began pushing in making Aurora gasp as she squirmed where he was holding her down. Feeling a sharp pain then a release of pressure she gasped and panted softly. Red leaned forwards gently bumping his nose against hers. “Ready?” She shook her head smiling. “Too bad” he grinned as he slowly pushed his length deeper inside her.

Aurora gasped loudly letting out a deep and lustful moan. Red put his hand over her muzzle and growled softly. “You are gonna wake Frost if you keep that up” he whispered out as he added a small thrust into her making her squeak and moan again.

Aurora finally got her hands free and reached up wrapping her arms around his sides. As his hips met hers red stopped for a moment and smirked a little. “Hows that?”

Aurora purred loudly as she slowly rolled her hips up at him. “It….it feels so damn good…”

Red grinned as he rocked his hips with hers making Aurora gasp again. “Told you, your body knows what it wants.”

Aurora reached up and gently smacked his chest. “Stop talking and do what I know you want to.”

Red nodded without another word he slowly pulled all the way out. Aurora whimpered softly just before he slammed his full length back in. Moaning loudly Aurora arched her back clawing the bed. Suddenly there was something being put around her muzzle.

Opening her eyes she looked up to see red using her shirt tatters to tie her mouth shut. “I said shush.” He grinned as he repeated the process of slowly pulling out then slamming back in. Aurora moaned again as her eyes rolled back in her head. Red slowly picked up his pace with his thrusts. Aurora reached up wrapping her arms around reds massive shoulders.

Feeling the muscle of his back tense and move under her fingers just increased the sensation all the more. Aurora began thrusting her hips up to meet reds. Her body bucked and squirmed as she felt a tension slowly building in her gut. Fighting to hold it down she scratched down reds back making him hiss and growl.

Reaching up Aurora yanked the muzzle strap off as she latched onto Red. “Ah Red yes…. I think I’m gonna….” Her whole body tensed and clenched down as her mind went blank followed by an explosion of pure ecstasy.

Her orgasm was all it took and Aurora felt the throb of Reds member deep inside her followed by the warm rush of what she knew was cum. Red shuddered resting his head against hers. “Wow” he breathed out.

Aurora giggled softly and purred louder than she ever knew she could falling back into the bed. Red laid against her for several minutes before he slowly pulled out. Aurora gave a soft grunt at the sensation. Rolling on her side she smiled up at red who was now laying on his back still breathing heavy. “that was incredible…. Thank you”

Red smiled and leaned over kissing the top of her head and pulling aurora up so she was pressed against his side. “ you are incredible. I mean that. And thank you, it’s been so long since I had any desire to be close to anyone much less intimate…. It feels good just to feel…wanted.”

Aurora smiled and looked down then back up at Red. “Now get some rest. And no more nightmares.”

Red smiled as he pulled the sheets up over the both of them. “I don’t think I’ll have a problem with them again.” Aurora smiled and kissed Reds cheek gently before sinking into the best sleep she had ever had.


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